Monday, August 1, 2011

Chef Muluk As My Judge!

Happy feet after dinner at Sushi King... phewww! 

Always, the ones that would truly suffer the most after a hard day's work are my feet. Omg! Look at them!! So ugly... Duuhh...! I was on my feet all day making sure everything was in place and all planned must go smoothly, no room for error please. No no!! With that, I went home with blisters on every single toe. *sigh* But urrmm, thanks to my sayang, he happily drove me to where I wanted to dine soon after the event was over. It was so good to finally sat down and enjoyed my favorite food :) Happy tummy equals happy feet, hee heee...

We arrived as early as 9am at Kubah Ria last Saturday and my team settled the setting up by 11am. By 4:30pm, when the caterers were serving tea to the VIPs, I only had 15% of energy left. I was dying to sit down... Colleagues & invitees offered food and drinks to me (tq love!) but I couldn't accept any because it felt like I couldn't swallow anything because my body was too exhausted and drained out already. Only when I reached home I realized I didn't have a taste of the Bubur Lambok cooked by Maggi, aiyaa... Oooppsss!! Puasa laa, tak baik tau ingat ingat dengan food nih!

But it was well worth the effort and blisters! Celebrity Chef Muluk who conducts the 'Program Masak Masak Bersama Maggi' flew all the way from Kuala Lumpur just to be at our event. Yayy!! Ehemm..! He said to me he actually had a photo shoot scheduled with TV3 & Hotfm on that day but he had that photo shoot postponed to Sunday because he wanted to be with us at Kubah Ria :) Awwww...! Thank you Chef!! And a big thanks to my team, the Bubur Lambok Cooking Contest @Kubah Ria was a huge success :D

And yes, I was very proud to have a Celebrity Chef judge my cooking contest and gave away prizes to the winners. Are you kidding me??! I was excited and thrilled beyond words. It's not so much about he's the person responsible for creating Maggi's product (well hello! Yes, he is the person who designs Maggi recipes) and that he travels around the world (London, Paris, Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, Kanowit, Bintulu too!!) with Tourism Malaysia to promote Malaysia's glorious food, plus, as Sarawak's no 1 Chef and the nation's top 5 chef, I am proud to have him at our event last Saturday because he's a Sarawakian. Yup! He hails from Bintulu and oh my goodness! He is such a humble & friendly person. Not snotty at all! So not the celebrityly-snobbish at all, ya know what I mean??

With Celebrity Chef Muluk

Sarawak Tribune front page, 31.7.2011

My judges at 'Kubah Ria Bubur Lambok Cooking Contest' on 30.7.2011
From left, Harniza (Catsfm Progam Manager), 
Fakharudden (Petronas Sarawak Area Manager)
& Chef Muluk (Maggi Executive Chef)

I was a bit nervous & felt so small when I handed Chef Muluk the judging sheet. Dear oh dear... You crazy?! What if he said my judging sheet was full of nonsense. And full of crap??! Arrggghhh... Imagine that. He IS a chef, and I could only pray when I learned that I was going to pass the judging sheet (which I designed myself) to a world class chef. I put the biggest mark on taste and he said I didn't everything (the judging sheet) correctly :D 

*chef, you think I should get a job as a chef too??* 

Delegating task

Making sure stoves are working well

Interviewing Chef Muluk on his background & the criteria on judging a cooking contest

With the judges (& sponsors) from Catsfm, Petronas & Maggi

Tasting with fellow judges

We were entertained by Catsfm DJs

With 2 DJs from Catsfm

We had fun with children and adults too

Chef Muluk conducted a simple game with the public

I was so nervous when I had to put the chef hat on YB's head +_+
"Maaf YB..." 

More Bubur Lambok Contest Photos Here

It's been a tiring month, but hey! It's the job that brings food to our family table. Syukor alhamdulillah. My job may look fun but it can be quite stressful at times, to be honest. Planning everything isn't that taxing, what's important is you try not to forget anything even the smallest details. The part that actually stress me out is trying to deliver more and better than expected. Judging have to be fair and prizes must be exciting. Having my event attended by a celebrity automatically elevates the standard of the event. That's a real bonus.

Speaking of judges, before I end this post, I'd like to invite you my readers to join in as judges to vote for the "Hari Raya Fashionista FB Contest" that's going to end on 16.8.2011. We had the catwalk contest last weekend on 24.7.2011 @Sarawak Plaza and now, the rest of the 19 participants who didn't win the top 3 prizes are in the running of winning the Hari Raya Fashionista on Facebook title. Take your pick here :)

It's the first day of Ramadhan today, and I am fasting today. I've not done anything yet about my family's Baju Raya. I have thought about it but was too busy to think & plan where & when to go to the textile shop. I'm sure some of you have everything ready by now. Hmmm... how am I gonna do this? I've to pull my head together and start thinking where to start. 

You all have a joyfull Ramadhan ya! I heard Maggi is giving away Bubur Lambok at Satok Ramadhan Bazaar today. I think I'll get my free bubur lambok there today, missed the one at Kubah Ria. See you there people!

With the gorgeous Hari Raya Fashionista Catwalk winners


Wan Sharif said...

Wah meriah.. penat .. begitulah dalam usaha kita mencari yang terbaik untuk keluarga.
Semuga Ramadhan mendekatkan anda sekeluarga kepada redha dan Maghfirah Allah

Anonymous said...

Wah! Kak, tentu banyak dapat produk maggi free. Hebat betul. Selamat berpuasa Kak Ida.

Coffee Girl said...

Hensem itu chef ooo... :-)

Tahniah again Ida, great job. Nasib baik u buat contest ni sebelum bulan posa. bijak bijak...

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