Friday, August 5, 2011

Bare-faced Challenge

They always ask "How old are you???" full with disbelief when I said I have three teenage daughters. Some even thought I'm not even married yet, "Pikir gik dara tekkk..!" Woh! I tell you my nose fell off my face right there and then, each time!!

Well yaa...?! It's the greatest compliment any woman ever gets. You kidding me?? I'd be lying if I say I'm not flattered. Not boasting okay, I get this A LLoT. Thanks to my no-makeup-routine my skin stays youthful syukor alhamdulillah though my age is nearing 40. I came across Cik Hanis Zalikha's post 'Cabaran Tanpa Mekap' (and few others, apparently they've been sponsored to promote SK II) and thought I'd like to share my own experience.

I am an SK II user but I've only been using it for almost a year, and I'm not too discipline using the awesome product. Sigh... I don't have the whole skin care range and only apply the miracle water once a day, sometimes I'd go without it for over two days. Cleanse, tone (sometimes) and moisturise (all the time, excuse me!), that's all sometimes. Even before I used SK II, overall my skin never really annoyed me. I'd have patches on and off, and a zit or two but, it was okay. The compliments I get usually says I look younger than my age, which I'm 100% sure it's because that I don't torture my face with makeup. I do use compact powder, but only like once a month I think. 

It's not nice if I started to comment what makeup actually do to your skin after relying on them for a long period of time. Second thought, I'm gonna tell!

Without makeup I think Hanis Zalikha looks much younger and cuter, don't you agree? With the 'Cabaran Tanpa Mekap' campaign, it tells you that we have to go back to the bare basic to look younger and to have good looking skin, no?? Well then, how come only now they realize?

"Huh??!! Makeup? Eeewww...! Not here."

"No thanks! Not on our face."

"We're happy barefaced, thank you."

You who're wearing eyeshadow out there, haven't you noticed your soft eyelid? Don't you think they're looking rather dry and wrinkled by now? Looking young does not just mean less wrinkle with tighter cheek, your whole face will show they're in need of air and less makeup.

*skin- 'Get! Get me outta here!! Pleasssee... air please...'*

Dryness is inevitable if you kept stuffing your soft skin with foundations & blusher. The soft skin will 'act' towards the 'uninvited guest' (makeup) who invades the whole surface of its territory. Your skin will start to 'build' a 'shield' on its surface and that results in you growing a layer of thicker & tougher skin. Get it?? Dry looking skin makes you look older. Then you'll start looking for miracle water and anti-aging cream in order to reverse the effect that's caused by the makeup you use every single day, just to get back that youthful younger looking skin. It doesn't work that way love.

If you're still very young, please do take my advice honey. If you'd like to look 25 when you're 38, trust me, avoid using makeup. Once awhile, during special occasions, I think okay. But don't make it a habit, don't make it a MUST putting on makeup before stepping out of the house every single day, every single time. Once you're hooked, makeup is like the air that you breathe. You'll feel funnily weird and naked without makeup. Remember, no makeup will make your life so much easier, more free and you can save loads of money for other things. 

And yes! I feel so free without makeup, yes I do. I know a woman who will not leave the house without her makeup on. And she will spend 1 hour each morning just to make herself look complete, full makeup with hair all dolled up. Hey! It's okay to get all pretty, but, in time your skin will suffer. You will look older that your age and putting makeup on and getting if off (when taking wudu' for us Muslim women) few times a day does no good at all to this delicate skin of ours. 

So ladies, don't start. I'm a living proof, not bragging here okay! I've been told I look more like a 25 / 28 year old than a 38 year old. Not because I look younger for not having makeup on, but it's because I don't use makeup and that helps me to maintain a healthy and younger looking skin. Give your skin a break. 

Your choice, I'm just here to share. 


Chii said...

I...agree. I used to wear makeup everyday to work. Without it, I feel so naked. But now I try to use less makeup, just enough to keep my face fresh. I think to prevent aging, one needs to invest in a very good sunblock. Did you use any?

Ida Amk said...

Hi Chii,

yes, I use sunblock everyday, it comes in my day moisturiser. Usually I use range from Olay. But that's it, no powder, no foundation, no blusher. Sunblock need not to be expensive, does not mean it is better if it cost more. Olay has what everyone needs :)
Tq Chii!

∂α∂уαиα said...

aww~ i've been thinking if i should put on some makeup since a lot of girls around me did that. but i don't dare since i have an annoying oily skin. i adore u with the younger looks since the 1st time i stop by ur blog & i was like 'OMG! she's a mum to some teenage kids?!' my first impression, beautiful, young & probably in her 20's. :)

Ida Amk said...

dadyana, oh my! thanx so much darling, I'm so flattered. Oppss! my nose just fell off, wait, have to get down on the floor to look... :p

Yeah, we'd love to try the things others around us are doing (specially when they look good wearing the makeup) but at the same time have to be realistic. If it works well on them, it might not do as good on ourselves. Anyways, you're doing your skin a favor by not stuffing it with makeup. Take care! :)

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