Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tinot Laksa

Arman loves laksa Sarawak

Having readers came up to me and say they're my 'silent readers' is quite flattering and very heartwarming. But some weren't too sure, so they only emailed me later and said that they thought they ran into me but was too shy to say hello *whyyyy??*

If YOU do bumped into me, please say 'Hi!'. Of course, being a twin and with the kind of job that I do, I would think people are in fact smiling at me (yup! I always perasan) because I would think they actually do know me. Being a twin, people are always mistaken me for my sister... When a smile emerges after eye contact, I've to assume it's either they think I'm my sister or they recognize me through the events I've conducted. Though not too sure who that person was, I always smiled back. Honestly, I cannot remember each face that I met at my events. Usually they would remember me, and most of the time I'd have to 'go back' inside my memory box trying to put together where and when I met a particular face. 

And it's kinda cool that they recognize me because of Borneo Love.

Once a fellow blogger said that she met my husband at an official event and almost asked this question to him; 'Are you Borneo Love's husband?'. *urrmm... Well, darling hubby, you've to take the back seat hun!*

One time I met a blogger at a luncheon who said that she reads my posts regularly. It was exciting as we had the chance to know a bit about one another and was served with free hotel food some more... hee hee... yummmyyyy ;)

Last Saturday, my family & I went to one of our favorite laksa spots for breakfast, Tinot Laksa at Jalan Patingan, Kuching. The Ministry of Tourism has given recognition to Tinot Laksa as one of Malaysia's best laksa in Malaysia. Tak caye?? There up there!! You passed the cert! See??? Stamped and signed! Huh!

Okay. This place isn't just about the cert, or the little Wall Of Fame, or the 'Jalan Jalan Cari Makan' proof that they were here... I love love lovvvvve the ambiance. Really you guys, you should visit this place. Imagine, slurping the yummilicious laksa Sarawak while inhaling the freshest of early morning air... hhhhmmmmmm.... pure pleasure :)

And oh ya! Speaking of early morning, we arrived at 7am, any later than 8am, you'll be forced to walk back to your car with a growling hungry stomach. When I took these photos, I made sure I did everything in 2 minutes and by the time I sat down  and 10 minutes later, seats were filled with hungry customers. 

I'd like to describe this place as the 'Garden Breakfast Nook'.

From where I was seating, it is actually Auntie Tinot's front porch area. Tables & chairs are arranged at all the available shaded area outside the house. Very clean, comfortable, quiet and serene with loads of green... too have the option to dine under the morning sun ;)

...or inside the gazebo where you're welcomed by these
gorgeous blooming morning glory

Tinot Laksa gazebo at the centre of its garden

When we're about to leave about one hour later, I noticed a group of young ladies standing near to our table and they kept looking at me. Or maybe I was just being 'perasan'... And I thought, "Ah! Maybe they're students from UITM and they recognize me as Ayu's mother." When we walked passed them, few of them were still glancing and I was trying to see if I do know the ladies and in case any one of them flashed a smile, I would want to smile back.

Then, few days later blogger Dilla Rose left a message on one of my recent posts saying that she saw me at Tinot Laksa that Saturday. Yo girrrrrlll! You should have said hello...! You see, meeting another blogger is somehow quite interesting. See, you only 'talk' and interact through blogs and when you actually met them in person, it's a bit surreal I must say. You get to know (a lot) about the person from the things they've written and could only imagine how she sounds like. More like sounds like instead of look like.

Maybe belum rezeki kita jumpa ye?? InsyaAllah next time. I hope you enjoyed the laksa Dilla Rose and datang lah lagi ke Kuching dearest! 


Coffee Girl said...

Kamek sik pernah gi sitok. tiap kali nak ke sitok, selalu penuh, ya lah malas nak nunggu giliran. sigh...

Anonymous said...

Ya lah, kamek macam ya juak lah kak. Sedih asal pegi jak tauk penoh seat. Huhuhu. Mesti belajar bangun awal (:

Anonymous said...

kamek suggest kitak coba laksa Usup dekat Chong Lin Park kede kopi koner seberang Retaurant Tok Janggut - kamek rasa sedap lagik dari Laksa Tinot.
Frm : smile

Anonymous said...

I suggest try laksa Usup at Chong Lin Park - across Tok Jangut Cafe , corner lot coffee shop but you batter come early before 10.30 am if not you will miss it.
Frm : smile

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Smile, for me, other than Tinot laksa, we always have d one opposite choice food satok. Or bimmers, both are as good..

I might try d one u're recommending, tq so much for d info :) Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

ada kitak encoba laksa usup dekat Chong Lin Park tek.... sigek lagik kamek rekomen pls try mee kolok at Norjas Cafe ( belakang RHB Jln Kulas) murah dan sedap ... mun dah try pls komen sikit .. tq
Frm : smile

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi there again smile! Sorry darl, lom kamek ke Chong Lin, lom sampei kaki kamek ke sia dear. Bila ujung minggu tok, i'll just opt for tempat yang familiar and sik brapa jaoh. Maybe insyaAllah, one day. Norjas cafe I know tempat ya but blom pernah coba the mee kolok :)

Masa kamek going for bfast is only on sunday or saturday, weekday adohhh mintak maaf ajak, sikda keluar gilak. Keluar minum pun nearby office area Swk Plaza ajak :)

Tq though for your suggestion, appreciate it very much =)

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