Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rhythm of Borneo @ RWMF2011

"Kak Ida, you have to make yourself free on the 6th of July" Izan said to me with a you're-not-saying-No I Can't-face.

She told me she's buying tickets for few of her closest friends to watch Dayang Nurfaizah live at the Victoria Arms, Merdeka Palace Hotel tomorrow night. This is her birthday gift to me... I didn't know what to say. She's just too tooooo kind... Thank you sis.

Of course I'll go! And I've purchased an extra ticket for my darling hubby to come along, he's also a fan :) It's been a long long long while since I watched live performances by an established local (very talented) singer. 

Hmmm... can't really remember the last time that I did. 

My sis Siti & my dearest friend Izan

Speaking of live performances, we had a lot of fun at our Rainforest Waterfront Fest 2011 Talent Search last Friday & Saturday night. Nine bands performed competing head to head to win a spot at the world class Rainforest World Music Festival 2011 that's going to take place this weekend. 

As for me, the event left me with an aching back, same like what happened last year. I was standing most of the time during the two nights with my colleagues watching over the entrances and welcoming the press. Ah yes... I'll be fine, thank  you. What's most important was that everyone had a blast! 20 lucky draw winners went home with free tickets to the RWMF2011. So cool!! I didn't get any, naaa... I only pulled out ticket buts for lucky draws. That was the closest I get to the RWMF2011 free passes :/

The event is given a new name this year and we love it! Thanks to the Sarawak Tourism Board, Rainforest Waterfront Fest 2011 Talent Search was a real success. I cannot wait next year. And I am so proud of our local talents! (that includes you Dayang, specially you!)

Honestly, Rhythm of Borneo was a clear winner. Congrats you guys! You all deserve it. For those of you who didn't get to see this awesome band performed, catch them @ the RWMF2011 sunset concert on 8th July :)

Will I see you there.......?? No, I won't be seeing you there. I'll be staying home. You go okay?? Don't worry bout me, I'll try to find some fun stuffs to do.... No no... sokay, just go. Go... go. 

*whisper- any free tickets for me... Aiya! I can get you free popcorn. Ok??*

The talented Rhythm of Borneo

Be nice laaa... Got free ticket?? Ping me ya! ;)


Anonymous said...

Tahniah Rhythm of Borneo!

Coffee Girl said...

Hey i got free tickets... which i'll sell for a meager sum. :-) interested?

Ejan said...

Most welcome my dearest sis..... Glad tat we enjoyed d show..... Muachsssss2......:))

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