Thursday, July 21, 2011

Understanding His/Her Job

No doubt, what keeps me going is the salary, my enthusiasm and great supporting colleagues. Everyone has to work to make a living, mothers at home also working too you know! Yes, indeed..., mothers have the toughest job on earth, I agree with Oprah. Bringing up children (not to mention bringing them INTO this world!) demands a lot of undivided attention from the already busy working mom. Wohh! Really tough, especially to the single mothers, I salute all of you!

We mothers don't seek for acknowledgement or to be showered with chocolates and flowers on Mother's Day. For me, I just want to see my children grow to be successful individuals. That would be my greatest life achievement.

A pat on the back or a 'Good Job Well Done!' from your boss for executing an official assignment successfully makes all the effort and hard work worthwhile. Small hiccups here and there are normal, but with dedicated colleagues around, things would go as planned eventually. The best part of the day would be arriving home greeted by warm arms and loving smile after a hard day's work. Whether you're a professional, a clerk, an event organizer, a cashier or a teacher, we all need little words of acknowledgement from our loved ones. You know, the little questions that actually mean 'Hi, glad to see you home.'

The little questions-

'How was your day honey? Did you finally finished your budget?'

'Have you eaten? How was the event? Who won??'

'Did your student do well in their exams?'

Getting a big hug from your loved ones congratulating on your job well done means a whole lot more compares to all the compliments you received from the bosses. That's a form of support from a partner. Helping with the dishes, ironing or cleaning alone aren't enough. Yes yes! You heard me! No, this is not asking too much. The 'Asking Too Much' doesn't exist in a relationship. If you think you need to haggle who has to do what, who has to scrub the floor, hmmm... might as well make a list what you would & wouldn't do. *no.. not good*

Instead of offering warm 'good luck' calls or text messages, calling your darling non-stop leaving numerous miss calls while he/she is busy with work (that you're very well aware of) will only make him/her feeling nothing but guilt. Not satisfied with unanswered calls, you leave angry text messages while in fact you know your darling couldn't get to the phone. Still very angry and upset over the no-response, you immediately bombarded your exhausted darling the soonest he/she arrives home with all these questions;

'What took you so long??'

'Why wasn't any of my calls answered? Couldn't reply a single message??!'

'I thought you were already done like half hour ago?'


Aiyaaa... be nice please.

Accusing your partner or spouse of not being honest why he/she has to be at the office on an off day is hurtful. Major major no no! Simply because you're not happy that he/she 'prefers' to be at the office than at home?? Sometimes have to work an extra mile lah! Put yourself in that position where you actually have something already due to be done on Friday, you too would rush to the office first thing Saturday morning, wouldn't you???

Understanding each other's job commitment makes the union a match made in heaven. I love you, you love me is simply not enough. Supporting one another does not only mean sharing the last RM50 before getting the next paycheck... 

Understanding the nature of his/her job is very important. Now, you don't expect your darling to fetch you from the market when the hospital suddenly paged him to be present at the ER!? Squabbling over it will never have an end. If your darling has to worry about the 'outcome' of a day's job, there will never be ending heartaches. 

Tell me if this is not true... We are proud of our jobs, most of us are, betol? Having a partner acting unreasonable towards the responsibilities you have to carry out for your job will make you feel that your partner is looking down at the job that you're so proud of. The job that pays the bills and the paycheck that brings food to the dinner table. And that money too that pays the children's tuition fees...

So, think before you want to get angry over nothing. You wouldn't want to be treated the same way, no? 

Support also means giving honest opinion when accompanying your darling inside the fitting room... Only applied to married couples ya!

Hmm... while he's busy buttoning unbuttoning *cover eyes!*, you're busy snapping pics of your new (worn twice already!!) top that you got from thepoplook. 

I'm thinking to get the green one too...  ;)

thepoplook Mellow Jersey Blouse in Orange

Omg! This you gotta hear! This black and white shirt. You see you see??!

Nice nice??

Urrmm... Blog cop, keep your opinions to yourself where it belongs,
inside your gut, thank you. 


This shirt is 25 years old people! Yes. As old as some of you... It belongs to my husband, mine now. Yup yup! You see, I'm a great supporter of his financial standings! I do shop (quite a bit) and I'm a good keeper as well. He's had this shirt since he was in Form 3. Wahh.. so long ago, feel old :p , and my colleagues thought I went shopping AGAIN! Hahaa... LOL!

Well then, hope this little tip helps. Till next post, take care :)


Wan Sharif said...

if you can reach an understanding that you do not feel threathened by each others commitment to work that would be good enough.. afterall to succeed you might have to give your full commitment to the task at hand.. sometimes.. non?!

Sheila said...

Kak Ida!. That shirt is a year younger than me!!! hehe

kallyempire said...

omgosh!!!it's creative to use 'his' shirt some more it's an antique for cloth~!

dilla.rose said...

kak ida, this is not related to your post but i didn't know where else to write it.

i went to kuching last weekend and i saw you on saturday morning having breakfast at laksa tinot! masa i sampai u dah nak balik. tak sempat nak tegur.

you're so petite and cute!! :)

Coffee Girl said...

That's HIS shirt?? whoaaa... thank God it's yours now. men dont look so flattering on polka dots. hihi

Ida Amk said...

Dilla Rose,

kenape tak tegorrr?? I saw u guys, i notice ada org tengok tengok kat saya. U came with a group of people.

Would love to take foto dgn u :D

Ida Amk said...

Sheila, Kally, Coffee Girl, sometimes my Ayu wear the baju. Yup! Used to be his, now vitage! Wan, that's true.

Anonymous said...

being a mom was definitely a tough job. have seen my mom. and i could cry in no time when i thought about my mom. and the worst thing is i forgot my mom's birthday! what a ***.. i really regret it!

Ida Amk said...

Hanie dear, dont regret it. You still have time to do the right thing dear :)

Anonymous said...


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