Monday, July 11, 2011

Dayang @ Victoria Arms

We didn't just got to sit at the best table, I... I got the best seat in the house!

OMG!! I was ecstatic. Watching Dayang Nurfaizah performed live wasn't really one of  those things that are listed in my to-do-list-before-I-reach-50. You see, I don't really set goals in my life to do all those awesome stuff that people dream to do... Get pics taken at The Old Trafford, honeymooning in Paris, swim with the dolphins... I'm being realistic. I'm a mother and a wife with a demanding job. Dreaming to watch Mariah Carey's live in concert doesn't even come close to my imagination. All that cost money and a lot of precious time. I don't have that luxury, for now.

I know, some tell me me I should take a break, give myself a break. But hey, money don't grow on trees. I've lived the tough life, the Maggi mee for lunch, the delayed pre-school school fees... I'm not about to start getting off the ground & forget what got me here. Of course, if I could really afford it, I'd spare some money to enjoy more live concerts and performances. I'd be lying if I say I'm not into it at all... Me & my hubby love music and live bands. But now, I have to be very careful with my spending. These kind of entertainments aren't life necessities, I can live without them. 

But if the opportunity happened to walk pass by, I will grab it. Like Dayang's Showcase at the Victoria Arms last Wednesday night. Thanks to my darling friend Izan, I haven't felt this kind of fun in years. Dayang's show was simply awesome!! :D

Ready for Dayang... in my new orange jersey poplook blouse
Victoria Arms, Merdeka Palace Hotel 6 July 2011

Oh girls! Feet first ;)
No boots, not sexy stilettos, just US in our ordinary comfortable outfits

Izan had asked a good friend to the top management to reserve the best seat for us all 

I sat myself at the head of the table & I basically had the best seat y'all!!
*well ya ya... you've said that dozens of times already girl* [Nak MUntaH]

Of course, we were starving. I wanted to eat everything!
I caught this shot Mel & Siti 'diving' into the menu :))

Yup! Sis Ina noticed it first...
"You're so shiny! Didn't powder your face kah??"

Some good came out of my shiny face that night. My girlfriends didn't have to leave the table to check if there's anything stuck between their teeth. All they had to do was look at my face & walla!! They could see their own reflections.

We had planned to meet by 8:30pm at the lobby and would have a quick dinner before Dayang started her performance at 10pm. Oh man..! It took us forever to order I was afraid we'd only get our dinner at 10pm! By the time my food arrived, Dayang was about to start in 20 minutes. I knew I wouldn't be able to give much attention to my food when she appeared so I literally bite, chewed twice & swallowed half of my yummy salmon within 10 minutes... Uh-oh, and you girls were wondering why I was so quiet at the end of the table. Yeah! I was loving my late dinner ;)

And by this time I was texting sayang every 5 minutes asking where he was. Oh! He didn't join us for dinner, it was for us girls only, as he was told. I said to him he may join us at 10pm, and yes!  I got him seated next to me, like only metres away from the gorgeous songstress.

Thanks Izan!!
Oh ya... she knows each and every one of Dayang's songs,
she's Dayang's greatest fan!!

Girls only, all of them powdered, except me >_<

Ok.. Ok... next set of teeth??

Some sat their butt half way on sayang's seat but I punched them in the face! Yea haaa... the seat was reserved for my darling, paham enggak??!

Dayang Nurfaizah in action

See, that's my head... Ah well, don't be jelous lah ;)

Hope to see you again soon Dayang!

Thank you Izan, you're the best! :D

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Anonymous said...

Most welcome my dearest sis..... Glad tat we've enjoyed ourselves to d fullest tat nite..... :))))

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