Friday, July 29, 2011

Concerned Road User

Dear Authorities, 

I am writing as a very very concerned member of the public. Always, after any mishap occurs, then only the relevant authorities start to take action and pay attention to the safety precaution. By then, children and family members have to suffer for the loss and misery caused by such incidents that could easily be avoided. 

But this one is too much. The big hole I saw (which I'm sure had been seen by other members of the public too) near Jalan Astana traffic light and the roundabout is waiting for a lawsuit to happen. And God forbid we do NOT want anything to happen to innocent road users. The hole is as wide as a one way road. 

I passed by the dangerous site last night and didn't realize that the huge hole was there until I was about 5 feet away. There were no...;

1. Yellow or Red hazard warning lights placed around the hole.
2. No signage saying DANGER HUGE HOLE AHEAD, only a 'slow' signage put up. 
3. No proper barricades (in this case, there should be a hard steel fence. The plastic 'barely there' orange barricades with string don't help at all if a father riding a motorbike with his child on the way to school in the dark early morning).
4. No information at all at the site on who is actually the relevant authority in charge of the the 'danger zone'.

I wouldn't know whom I should call. If I were to bring it up to whomever I thought are the right authorities to look into the situation, I'm sure I'd be given half a dozen phone numbers to call & make a complain. This is not a complain, I just want to highlight that a certain authority/authorities should not take lightly on the matter of safety that involve the public. 

Thank you. 

Concerned Member Of The Public


AmirFX said...

Kmk asa ktk ptt padah ngn sidak DBKU o MBKS... Nang bahaya ehh ada lubang jeraya besar kedak ya... Mun dpt k inang ikan tek sik juak hal...

Ida Amk said...

Udah i email to DBKU & CM dept.

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Ish Ish Ish...bahaya ni...

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