Saturday, June 18, 2011


Borneo Post 16.5.2011

I got my two gorgeous colleagues to bring their traditional costumes (Bidayuh) to work for our Kids Kumang Gawai 2011 press photocall last Wednesday. The press release came out looking absolutely awesome! Thanks so much to our local medias.

In conjunction with the Gawai festivities that we celebrated earlier this month, my event department will be having a Little Miss Kumang competition tomorrow at Sarawak Plaza Lower Ground Floor. Oh my blog!! I can't wait! We have 30 young girls (more sent in entry forms but we had to turn them down, sorry...) registered and I'm ecstatic :D

The Sarawak local ethnic local traditional costumes never fail to mesmerize me. They look truly elegant and beautiful. Most of the costumes and accessories were handmade and that's what fascinate me the most. And you will never miss their presence. Especially the ones wearing the Iban costumes, 'kecing kecing kecing...' sounds coming from these awesome original creations that can really make heads turn! I don't know how much coin are stitched onto these costumes but I know one thing's for sure, you won't ever get unnoticed if you're wearing one.

You cannot miss this event. We have girls from 7 - 12 years of age participating for the Kids Kumang Gawai 2011 who're not just Ibans or Bidayuhs. Malays & Chinese are also competing for this title :)

Yes!! That's truly ONE MALAYSIA!!


wa khairul onggon said...

Wassehh... tahniah... Muka ktk kuar paper... :)

Ida Amk said...

Thank you Khairul. All for the promo of our event :)

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