Saturday, June 25, 2011

Need New Sink

If you ask me what I want for Christmas, my answer would be 'A New Kitchen'.

I mean, have you seen Nigella's kitchen?? Whenever her cooking show is on, I'd miss half the tips she's giving because instead of concentrating on her cooking, I'd be too busy scanning every single corner of her gorgeous stainless-steel theme kitchen. You ask any woman, any mother, having a new kitchen would be one of the items in her wish list. 

My toilet bowl still good, thank you
S'long it doesn't 'throw up', I'm saving up for something else

Sayang says these pricey washroom wall cabinets can be custom made,
and they would cost much lesser

Oh well... Some things are only meant to be fantasized. And look at that KitchenAid mixer (in red)! Thousand thousand you know...! Lorddd..., what a beauty!! 

A whole new kitchen would surely cost me an arm and a leg. So, I better not torture myself with the idea for a new kitchen. I'll live, for now....... But what I need now is a new sink. My wet kitchen sink is so old and sayang and I have decided that we will have to relocate our dish washing area. The house I'm staying now belonged to my dad and it's mine now. My dad extended the back area of the house when he moved in and built a wet kitchen many years ago. With that, he had moved the sink from its original spot to the new wet kitchen. Now, I want a sink at its original spot again. 

Man, hunting for a new kitchen, ehemmm.... I meant, a new sink, is no easy business I tell you. Woh!! Some cost a whooping 2K! And I stumbled with one that was only tagged RM65. Naaa, too cheap. 

We found a single sink and a double which both cost at very reasonable prices. Just that we have not decided which one to purchase. Will have to sit for a meeting on this one :P

How to choose??

Look at Arman, can never understand when his mom go yapping non-stop...
"don't touch! don't touch!" *sigh*


I'm a sucker for Sales at MNG. 

What can I say?

I said.....
'I've to try these on.'
'No No.. Don't!'
'You might like them and you might have to part with some of your June salary.' 
'It's okay, I'm just trying them on.'
'BUT!! What IF you like them...?'
'Then I WILL HAVE to buy them, won't I??!'

You've seen it very clearly ladies. No point discussing on To Buy Or Not To Buy with oneself. 

And I did buy.

50 %! They don't come by that often. And they fit so perfectlyyyyyyy!! *droolllinggg..*

When I visited MNG The Hills couple of weeks ago, I was having second thoughts about buying the gorgeous (RM139) wrap-around leather belt. Too expensive I believed. I went again today, I heard they started a sale for over a week already. Didn't expect the belt to be discounted to as low as 50 % less. Really, I only went there to check on the belt. And even if it did went down to less than a hundred, I thought I won't see it there anymore. I was 100 % sure that someone else was already parading in it at an outing somewhere...

I was wrong! As if the belt was meant for me, and better!
The tag says RM69 :D *bigggg smile*

MINE!! It'S MiNe!!

I don't wear belts that much, but I ended up buying two. TWO. The second one (comes in cute pleats with a dash of red) cost me RM49, after 50 % discount. No more buying belts for a decade for me. 

Like I said before, if the product is good, on sale, wearable on a daily basis, I will purchase them in TWOs. After trying on the Slim cut RM69 cotton pants, there was no way that I was  leaving the store with only one pair. Well, there is actually. They ran out of sizes for the blue that I wanted, so I grabbed the one and only size left for me, in cream. *would've gone home with 3 colours if they didn't run out of blue*

There there... Women.

HellO! I'm not asking for a 20K kitchen my friend. Good buy what??

Lucky I'm not into handbags, phewww... 

It's my big day tomorrow. I don't have big plans planned. No cake, I know it. Got ourselves few movies today and I'm thinking I'd like to stay in and just spend some time with the kids & my darling hubby tomorrow at home. Hmmm... that sounds like a good plan.

If you're planning for a long drive, drive carefully ya? And watch out for that turtle crossing the road :)


f.i.e.z.a said...

owh esok ur big day pk apa tek.sama ari ngan nieza of course mek sik lupak hhee
btw belt ya kacak eh! :)

Noreen said...

Happy birthday Kak Ida!

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