Monday, June 20, 2011

Love's Letter To Arman

OMG! My boy's first crush! Love (yes, her name is Loviena) is my best friend's daughter. Rozi and I, we go back a long way... Classmates in Primary 6, then, as if we're inseparable, were joined again in Form 4 & 5 Science. Honestly, I really don't mind if Arman & Love are destined to be together. Then again, they both still have a whole life ahead of them. So, let's just let things flow by naturally, shall we?

But can't help it!! They look so adorable together! Aaawwww....!

Arman & Love

Seriously, 6 year old Love is such a smart girl! *like the mom!*

Rozi & me, singing our hearts out after dinner

It was only a few of us, next time we'll get more of our friends to join

The two (Arman & Love) met when Rozi organized a get together with our old classmates (seriously old!! 26 years ago man!) few weeks back during the school holidays when Mas (in pink tudong) was on a holiday, whom now resides in KL with her family. Mas was also one of our classmates. 

While we were catching up on things, the kids were left in the living room turning everything upside down!! My goooodness..., it was chaos I tell you. But we couldn't be bothered, we were too engrossed with new found gossips & dirty jokes. This was a last minute thing, so, only a few of us made it to Rozi's barbecue. Nonetheless, we had tonnes of fun. 

The next day Rozi called, she said Love couldn't stop asking to see Arman. I had an idea, I asked Rozi to bring Love to my YoYo Competition the next Sunday as I was bringing Arman along with me. Before Love arrived, Arman saved a seat next to him just for Love and wouldn't let anyone lay their butt on Love's seat.

happy to meet again on Sunday :)

They spent some time together chit chatting while watching the competition. So sweet! It's so apparent they liked spending time together. I do not know what these little kids talk about, they don't even go to school together. I guess after that Sunday, Love missed Arman and that's why she wrote the note for Arman. What a darling...!

But I guess the 'sparks' began when they sang duets at the barbecue. Oh my blog! And Love can really sing y'all! She should sing at my event :D

I told Rozi to give our home phone number to Love so they could talk whenever they like to but she didn't think that'd be a good idea. No no she said... Hee heee... Would like to bring the two of them together again, for playdates maybe. We'll see. 


Chii said...

That's so cute!!

Coffee Girl said...

Ahahah! Mommy playing matchmaker! LOL.

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

that's a super-adorable note :-)

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