Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hanged By Belt

Arman - "Mama, Papa..., how do dead people return back to life?"
Mama - "Why you ask that Arman? Where did you get that idea?"
Arman - "Well, since Kak Seri is gonna be 'gantong' (translated as hanged in English) from school if she reached the max merit points, how is she going back to school if she's dead??"

We met with my children's class teachers to collect their report cards last Saturday. Alhamdulillah, Arman was placed second in class. I'm so proud! His teacher was specially impressed that he managed to obtain 100% in his spelling tests (both English & B.Malaysia) where they had to memorize 80 words. Good boy Arman!!

There was a little bit problem with our Seri though... her studies overall is ok. Just that, for arriving late (1 or 2 minutes only maaa........) for a number of times, it had caused her demerit points to escalate to the 'danger' mark already. Sayang quickly responded the the class teacher, "That's my fault, not Seri's."

So, we're doing our very best now to leave home 10 minutes than our usual 6:30am. Arman was listening to our conversation about school suspension after report card day and we mentioned the word 'gantong' (hanged) 20 times! Young children being young and innocent, their perception of the word 'hanged' means 'death'. Go figure :)

* * *

I envy some moms who have the time to get all dressed up with nice make-up on when going out. Going to school to collect their children's report cards is no exception. The only thing I manage to do to my face in the mornings is apply toner & cream on it. Hair? Errmmm... washed the night before, bundled up the next morning & ready to go!

Looking fashionable is not the first thing on my mind whenever I step foot out the door. You see, I can look pretty boring (alwaysssss in my gray Ts) at times... Well, a lot of times actually. I'm sure it's the same to some of you. But, we mothers wouldn't want to be left out from being in touch with the fast pace of the global fashion updates now, would we??

I bought a wide belt almost two years ago and had blogged bragged all about it. Would you believe me if I told you I never wore it?? Meant to, tried to find the perfect time & the outfit to go with it, but always told myself it's just not ME. My girls wear the belt now, thank god! Thought I've wasted a good 40 bucks!

But how come other women can pull it off easily?? Why didn't I have enough confidence to have it on? I noticed all sorts of people in all kinds of shape wear wide belts with the biggest smile on their faces... 

I made sure the leather belt I bought at MNG last weekend make its appearance to the world, with me wearing it! No point buying it if I left it hang in the closet for another year before I decided it's actually easy to wear like how the celebrities do it. What a waste of precious money if I just left it to rot.

So on Monday, I chose to wear it over a shirt with black pants... subtle choice. Not too trendy but the look was quite pulled together, I believe. I loved it! You know...., they actually have the belt in brown too.... *thinkingggg...*   ;)

Me looking like these celebrities?? Not even close! But they are a good motivation.


f.i.e.z.a said...

pweeeeeeetttyyy eh! kmk stat juak makei belt w blouse longgar wpun pinggang sik slim nei hehe

Coffee Girl said...

Pinggang mek chubby juak... sik dpt nak kei belt kedak ya. kelak makin bulat jak rupanya. :-(

Nadia said...

MNG IS ON SALE? gorgeous obi belt! I might just hunt one for myself too! ;D
oh btw, looking good kak ida. should have a full shot of yourself knak gantong. eh i mean, wearing the belt. hehe

Ida Amk said...

coffee girl, blom coba belum tauk ;)

fieza, maok confident jak, baruk dapat ON!

Nadia, full shot that day xsempat, next time darling.

Malaysia Largest Car Classified said...

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cant wait for your next post

Ida Amk said...

TQ Malaysia Largest Car Classified! Glad you enjoyed reading it :)

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