Monday, June 6, 2011

Gimme Some Seth Tan!!

Alhamdulillah, it's Monday again. For some of us (women), it's the day we've been waiting for. The local hit drama series Nora Elena airs from Mondays to Thursdays and every time things look kinda settled between the beautiful couple, things are actually just begun. 

I read a post from a blog few days ago where men (not all) around the country actually think the character 'Seth Tan; The Ultimate Dream Husband' is making them look bad (?????). They claimed there is no individual (husband in particular) with that trait and characteristic. Well, can you blame these men?? After last Thursday's dreamy & romantic episode, all the women watching it wanted their men to buy them fresh flowers y'all! :)

*clearing throat* ..... I wanted fresh flowers too :D

'Seth Tan' no doubt has the Dream Husband Package that most women look for in a man.... Handsome, successful, charming (not in a gatal way, hello), handsome (urrmm.. I said that already didn't I?), tall, and handsome, thoughtful (towards the wife), patient and not the Wooohoooo-I-Love-Myself-Type. Woh! People, that last trait if very important. You pick this type, then you're in for a ride baybeh! You have the choice to make, choose wisely ladies.

Yes, not everyone is blessed and met with 'THE' perfect man. As a matter of fact, there is no perfect man. No nO! Even Seth Tan is not perfect, have not seen him prayed and he's 'D' ugly patch in Nora's life... There you go GuyS! He is not that 'dreamy' after all. 

I mean, why are you men feeling all intimidated by this TV character? Instead of feeling intimidated, you all should take up the challenge. Show your woman what you're really made of!! Buy her the flowers and suap the nasi goreng inside her mouth...! Are those too hard to do? Eh! And one more thing ya, put that phone away please... Please. The emails & text messages can wait. Pay attention to your woman while you're out with them, or maybe you'd rather have the phone sleep with you later.?? Come on laa... take a bit of Seth with you, for her sake.

I don't know about guys, but when I see a good example of a good trait which is especially good to be practiced for the betterment of a husband-wife relationship, I'll try to adopt the positive character. We are brought up in different ways. Some of us are used to eating using forks & spoons but some of you think that folks who eat using these utensils are people who has forgotten their roots (if you're Malay).

My point is, try using the fork & spoon. You just don't know how it can actually makes your life easier, you might just like it. Does not mean you're forgetting your traditional style. Same goes in adopting a good behavior, adopt, and practice. So husbands/boyfriends, try to follow 'Seth Tan's' good traits. You might just like what you get in return ;)

Gosh! I still can't get it out of my head. Where did they get the idea that 'Seth Tan' is making other men look bad?? And some women even say there is no such man. There is. You can't go lookin' now, you know? He exists. Not perfect but, he does exist. Those men who're intimidated are just scared their women would go looking for better ones, or worse! They would go hunt for a 'Seth Tan'! Insisting there are no such species is simply shallow. Why not be one?? Be the 'Seth Tan' that your woman's been woooing over. Wouldn't that be cool? Naaa... we don't expect you to buy us the expensive fresh blooms everyday. But, every month pun okay lorrr.. hee hee...

It's not the flowers, not the romantic surprise vacations, it's the little gestures. True, tv/movie characters are mostly about the dreamy unreal world. If you men (who're intimidated by 'Seth Tan') just try to open up a little, change a bit, things can actually be different and some good will definitely come out of it. You might just be surprised by the little effort you've put into... Good relationship needs work people. From both sides. Rainbows & roses alone don't flourish into an ideal relationship...

Me & darling hubby have our own fair share of misunderstandings, and some ugly atomic outburst, if I must say. But these things have made us stronger, more affectionate of one another. I'm lucky because he is naturally affectionate, and very caring. When we have our downs, I'll merajok big time. During this non-speaking mode, I'd miss him dearly... Miss holding hands while he drives, miss the hello-kisses, silly text messages... I'm stubborn. Usually I would not give in. I know..., I know..., I've been saying one should give in, don't be egoistical when he's having a bad-mood-day, be the cool one, don't be the big headed spouse... I don't know. Somehow, after few days, we're all normal again. But we learn more about each other's mood swings after the squabbles and avoid the things that are uncool to the relationship. Be better for both's sakes.

Lean on me... perut kenyang sayang ;)

Not boasting here, but, my husband is my 'Seth Tan'. When I watch Nora Elena, I'm familiar with 'Seth Tan' character. I have known that person for more than half of my life. And he's still the person I first met 22 years ago. He's my love, the one I lean on (when stomach so full already after a hearty meal!), my best friend, my whole life. 
*hmmm... I should change from being too stubborn haa?* 

The problem is, he layans my stubbornness! *sssshhh... honest truth, I like it* :D

Yup! He would ignore me for awhile, but, he'd miss me too much he'll start finding ways to touch my hand... then work his way to my aching heart empty soul where I will melt to his light warm touch on my back when we walk next to each other. Yes, I still feel the overwhelming love and spark. Syukor alhamdulillah...

This one week has been a real blast. We didn't go anywhere, but we spend a whole lot of time with each other, and the kids. And we ate a lot, oh dear! Have to get back to my Nestle Fitnesse breakfast cereal diet I'm afraid. And yea, speaking of food...... When going out with your darlings, you just have to forget that diet for few hours, okay? Show your appreciation by eating the seafood he ordered, don't eat the whole plate now! Just don't be too oh-I'm-on-a-diet-won't-eat-this that *bleeargghhh..!* Simple note; Don't let him eat alone, comprende?! Men love flesh ladies!! Believe me, they do :D

Well now. I've to get back to the work mode soon love. Feeling overly recharged I don't know if I'm gonna be productive on my first day after a long break. Recharged means you're ready to rule the world again, but in my case, I'm too recharged (and relaxed) I'm ready to just stay home. Fuhhh... tough. 

he's my 'Seth Tan'  :D


binbin said...

Kita sekeluarga memang minat giler dengan budak Seth tu. Semangat tunggu jam 7 malam.

Alv0808 said...

Never herad about this..drama? OMG I'm too much attached with works and social activities..hehe..will try to google it

Coffee Girl said...

Ahaha! first an FB fren wrote on her status about Aaron Aziz, and now i read about Seth Tan here. overdose! what women wont want that whole buffy hunky romantic manly package at home, and er other parts of the house? alas... he only lives in dramas. men are gonna hate us for this... but who cares? haha

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