Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FREE Rainforest World Music Festival Tickets

No, I am not kidding you...! 

You heard me. We have 20 free tickets to be given away to the prestigious Rainforest World Music Festival 2011 happening from 8th till the 10th of July next weekend. Yes dear, you heard right. TWENTY :D

For only 20 bucks, you'll stand a chance to win one free ticket to one of the most exciting musical events on earth! Right here in Borneo...! Oh Wow!! I'm a very proud Sarawakian, yes I am :D

Attendees of the up and coming Rainforest Waterfront Fest 2011 Talent Search will enjoy performances by our very own talented local artist (from Borneo) at the beautiful Kuching Waterfront this Friday & Saturday (1st & 2nd July 2011) starting from 7 pm. Ten bands have registered to compete for a spot to perform at the awesome Rainforest World Music Festival 2011. Not only that, the winner of this Talent Search will walk away with cash prize amounting to Three Thousand Ringgit! Coooooool.... *close mouth already lahhh*

And you! Yes You! Be a lucky draw winner & win a free ticket y'all !!

Rainforest Waterfront Fest was first organized last year and it is designed specially to compliment and as a warm up to the annual RWMF. Tickets at RM20 each are now available at Sarawak Plaza Information counter. So, with only RM20, you may be one of the lucky ones to walk away with a free ticket to this year's RWMF2011. Lucky draws will be done on both  1st & 2nd July and 10 tickets shall be given away on each night. 

Well...? What are you waitin' for lads?? Gather your friends & get to Sarawak Plaza Information Counter by 10am tomorrow!! ;)


Coffee Girl said...

sigh... i get free tickets every year but im always outstation on those dates... sigh...

Wan Sharif said...

Alahai.. I am too far away..to answer your wish/prompt/call.. ;))

Ida Amk said...

Manalah tau if you guys are in Kuching that time. Enjoy your weekend anyways :D

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