Friday, June 3, 2011

Blog Can Wait

It's a long leave and I'm planning to make everyday productive and worthwhile. Worthwhile does not include blogging, I'm afraid. Whenever I have time off from work, I will make sure I use all (well... not all. Half of it is for extra sleeps & window shopping) the free time to spring clean and clear the whole house... the fridge, cupboards, shoe cabinets... Wow weee..! Sounds like a lot of dust. Yup! I like :)

The not so fun part was having to have to part with the sentimental items. Come to think of it, I could just give them away years ago but couldn't let go. In time, I 'managed' to do so (letting go) bit by bit... After sorting out what seemed to be like coming from one jumbo cupboard, I still keep few of the kids' clothes that I just can't let go, yet. 

"Why are you still keeping those Ma...?" Ayu asked while I put away some of her little Tshirts.

"Sayang lah... You wore these." I gave her my sad face while holding up one of her baby tops. 

'You're gonna give them away sooner of later..." Ayu added.

"I know. I'm keeping them for now."

You see, I'm not even 'throwing' them away, I'm 'giving' them away. The garbage man will come by on Monday, will notify them there are some still very good clothes if they want to keep.

This Tweety T is (ehemm.. was) very special

I've been hearing this a lot. I mean, no woman is happy to hear it but I'm still within a 'safe' zone (size M). I'm SURE of it. Can you blame me...?? after all that cleaning and working all day without any food & drink, how can I not eat two big meals??

My May  events finished off with K-PoP Competition last Sunday. It was awesome and the crowd was simply fabulous! They cheered and enjoyed the competition as much as we all did. By 4pm I was ready to eat a horse! You may think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

My Sirloin Steak At The San Francisco Grill

I only had a bowl of cereal and cup of coffee in the morning, that was it. Then I got myself a bar of snickers for lunch for extra energy. Feeling relived that my event went so well cost for a celebration, why not??! This is the dangerous bit... How do we celebrate? With food lah!

But last Sunday, I can say it was too much. I WAS too much! Sayang asked, 

"What would you like to eat?" Meant that I can have whatever my heart desires. Sushi was on my mind. So, by 6 pm I was digging into my salmon sashimi among other treats at the Sushi King. Stuffed. And happy. Happy with the job well done and happy after gulping down my favorite dishes. 

Sayang is not a sushi person, but he likes the deep fried Sakana Fry, that resembles one of his favorites, the Fish & Chips. The Sakana Fry was not regarded as sayang's main meal that evening, it served only as his appetizer.

When I was done, I asked if anyone would like me to pack some KFC fried chicken for late supper at home. The kids didn't have much at Sushi King so I thought they'd still be hungry later. Then sayang interrupted saying he had other plans. He's thinking to have a big juicy steak later... The last time he went to the San Francisco Grill was like ages ago, he'd like to see if the steak still tastes as good as it was some two decades ago. And off we went... With my full stomach. 

From Sushi King, we went straight to the car and drove straight to San Francisco Grill. We sat and looked at the menu. Everything looked good man!! The kids ordered their plates (Ayu, Seri & Hani shared two plates but Arman didn't want anything. The Sakana Fry plate was enough for his tiny tummy). Sayang ordered his steak, well done.

Me. No, I didn't just sit there people! I ordered a plate of steak for myself. YES I DID!! Uh-oh...! Believe it. After stuffing myself with sashimi & sushi rolls, I was ordering a huge platter of juicy steak, within 2 hours after having a meal at Sushi King. So, should I be (acting) surprised if people around me has been commenting how 'rounder' I look lately?? Imagine if I too danced like all  the K-PoP participants??! I think after San Francisco I'd pack some KFC for a midnight munch!

Oh no! This cannot go on. Not good, so not good. I have four more days to go before I go back to the office and I've already listed the places I want to have my dinners at. Off days are rare for me. When all my kids are around especially, I'd love to treat them for some very special  dinings that are a bit extravagant. What can I say, we love to eat.

This photo was taken one a half years ago... The MNG size S jeans I was wearing don't fit me no  more! I gave them to Hani

Covering my rounder tummy :p

Even if I ballooned up, so what?? (really?) I still have my darling husband who loves me no matter what :) *sayang, you better nod in agreement..!!*

We have a new (temporary) rule in the house, must be in by 7pm and only go out after 8pm. And to my surprise, sayang is with us :D Yeayyyy!! Love it when we enjoy things together gether ;)

The whole family is struct with the 'Nora Elena' bug. My darling hubby is not really into Malay movies and dramas. They are, urrmm..... correction, were just some poor quality scripts & actings to him. But lately we've been enjoying watching a lot of great dramas & Malay movies together. Must do everything together gether.. no? And support the local industry! Yes! *hope I'm not alone*

Going back to my first paragraph, as I'm writing now, sayang is not home. He's at work and gonna be back home soon for the Friday prayers. So, I better finish up blogging ASAP! He made it clear that he does not enjoy us being home together if I'm busy at the computer. And I'd spend very little time on my blackberry too. Sacrifices? I don't like calling them sacrifices. You don't sacrifice for things that you're willing at. When you're married, you are ready to do everything that would make your marriage a happy one. 

Tolerance. If my blogging (while his home) is not making him happy, then I won't blog when he's home. You might think I'll have all the time to blog with my 8 days leave from work, I don't baby. And I'm not unhappy with that. I love my blog, but it's not my whole world. I've to find some 'curi time' for my little hobby. We spend so much time apart while working, we don't want to waste the precious time we have together at home with the kids.

Patience. Like the drama series Nora Elena, Seth's patience towards his cold wife's attitude was eventually rewarded with a night to remember :) Lucky for Nora, her husband loves her to pieces. She fell in love with his undivided attention and affection towards her. In a marriage, if both husband & wife have no patience towards the other party's egoistical behavior, they'll have a hard time making the union lasts. 

When you love each other, ultimately you just want to be together. Emails, text messages and bloggings can wait. There is nothing uglier than an angry husband y'all! Trust me on this one. 

Well now, I've to run. Sayang is on his way home, I'd better get myself all pretty and smell nice nice for him. Till next post... happy weekend sisters & brothers!

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