Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bliss Cuppa

Look at me! Don't I look happy?? Really, I'm enjoying every bit of my cuti :D Sharing a jumbo cup of cappuccino with my darling hubby after a mouthwatering juicy steak at The Elephant Cafe & Bistro. We love the fish & chips, murah lah! RM10 onlyyyy! Yes, it's a big plate and enough for one adult, I'm satisfied with the price & portion.

Ayu is leaving for campus tomorrow and I'm (we all are!) gonna miss her dearly. I'll be going back to the office on Wednesday but, till then, I just want to relax & enjoy watching movies (and Discovery Channel) in the comfort of our home. Wahhhh... Bliss :)

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1 comment:

binbin said...

Besar cup tu kak! Pasti puas hati.

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