Sunday, June 12, 2011

Behind His Success...

They say behind every man's success there is a woman who's always by his side to give words of encouragement and moral as well as physical supports from the beginning all the way to the top. 

It's the weekend, your significant other (the hubby) was having an early morning meeting to prepare for a very important presentation on Monday. His office is literally 14km from the house and the tuition centre is only 2km away from your house. You're home, with an available car, but you still insisted that your dear husband fetch your kid (in the middle of his meeting) at the house all the way from his office to drive your child to his 11am tuition class?? 

Sensibly talking, it only make sense if YOU get in your car with your kid and drive 2 km to your kid's tuition centre rather than making your husband leave his meeting only to drive 28km back and forth and would only make it back to the office in 45minutes. (?????) What kind of a wife is that? You can be calculative about a lot of things, but this is just too much.

That is worse than calculative, that is bully! 

The husband had no choice but to do it because it is his daily routine. Adoiiii....! I find it really really funny how inconsiderate the wife was... It's not as if she was working, it was a Sunday and she had a car for her to use. But no, she's not gonna 'share' this task today. It's his job, he should do it, it didn't matter at all to her that he was in a middle of an important meeting.

Marriage is about sharing everything... hmmm, except undergarments of course. I still can't understand why the wife was being so cruel, greedy and overly calculative towards the husband. How is he going to be on top of everything if you carry on with that negative attitude woman??! Wouldn't you want to see him get promoted? Now now.., don't start yapping nonsense at him when your husband told you that he's not getting the annual bonus this year, let alone a promotion. 

Ask yourself why. 

Aisayyyy... I don't know what to say. 

Supporting your darling husband in every way that you possibly can is YOUR job as a wife. That include shopping for a new suit & work shirts (aduhhhh.... )

Yup! I honestly thought the little spongy seat in the fitting room looked so inviting that I was ready to put my head down and dozed off (I wished). Men's attire look all the same man! What to pick?? What to choose? They only came in different colours, that's about it. BUT, for my darling sayang, I said to myself 'THIS IS NOT BORING. THIS IS FUN. THIS IS NOT BORING. THIS IS FUN...' over and over and over again... And, it worked! Wasn't that bad, no. 

Sayang 'ran out' of work shirts, I insisted he needs new ones. With him, you have to use the word NEED, and that word NEED came with definitions. 

When everything's over, tried, paid and all, sayang does the usual... He sighs. 

'Sayang, please don't sigh. You know, I beam with happiness after I shop, why can't you??'

Then my hubby replied in his money-habis-face, '*sigh*, I spent so much on myself...'

'Abang, you shop for your stuff once a year. You wear your few shirts 300 days a year! Please, you need them and it's okay you spent the money on the MUCH NEEDED clothes. Helo! Your old ones are worn out!' I had to assure him.

Sharing also means able to persuade your darling spouse that it is okay to spend the family income on things that he needs. Shoes?? Oh my blog! That's another story. He will only get new ones when his socks somehow become wet, somehow. 

Love this G2000 suit, so handsommmmmmmee... ;)
For sure, an attractive quality (lookin' hot baybeh!!)

Same same same... They look boring, no?

Well of course!! They were on 50% sale

After our early morning visit at G2000 The Spring, sayang dropped me off at Slimming Sanctuary. The vouchers are expiring soon and I've rescheduled twice for this appointment. Too busy.. ish ish ishhh...! How could I let this golden opportunity pass me by?? Give yourself a break lah love... Missing out on a free facial??! No way!

That is why I've not gone to one for a very long time. You give me free vouchers also no point maaa... Can't seem to find the time for self pampering, sigh (I'd sigh Big TIME on this one). 

The beautician asked when was the last time I did a facial.... *I'm still trying to figure it out now* No. REallY! I cannot remember. What I know, I've not gone to a facial ever since Arman was born... Definitely more than a decade *shriek*! Yea, my face is a gold mine. Full of black white gray heads. *eeeeee yuckk* :p

A close close close up look at my facial skin; oily, dry, oily dry dry... 

They applied an Invisible Mask on my face. Before leaving the room, the beautician told me to relax and she'll come back in half an hour. Hmmm.... so soothing. Light music (sounded like water droplets with very soft oriental music at the background), soft light with relaxing ambiance was simply intoxicating. Supposedly to clear my head. My head was cleared alright... Too clear I started planning what to do on Monday morning!! *dhaaaa.....*

My new poplook blouse making its debut in
Sarawak Tribune at our 12June YoYo Competition

Another busy week ahead of me. Thought I need more comfortable (and presentable) tops to wear to work. I found these jersey blouses on Love them! Oh yes! I got myself in two colours, brown & red. Mustard is currently out of stock, but I've placed a booking to reserve one once the stocks are available. 

*Dear sayang, this is to notify you that I've place another order for this top. Please stand-by to transfer some payment soon* Tq hubby!

Comfortable... No ironing needed and I can eat in this top! :D

I hope you'll have a productive week. If you're feeling all lazy lazy & dozie dozie at your work station, get up and take a 5 minute walk around the office. Fill up that almost-empty photostate  machine drawer or, make a cup of sugar free tea for yourself. 

Till next time, take care. 

The Pop Look - Red Jersey Blouse

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