Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nestle Fitnesse To Yummy Delizze

Lose Your Unwanted Weight With
Nestle FITNESSE breakfast cereal

We did another PC today.. more to come in the next couple of weeks. It's a busy month, we need all the publicity we can get. Most importantly to let the public know who are our partners for each particular event and which product they're sponsoring.

Nestle has signed up with us to be one of the main sponsors for Miss FITNESS Sarawak Plaza WHF 2011 that's gonna be held on Sunday the 22nd this month. And it's one really cool product that we're promoting this time.. Ironically, the product is called NESTLE FITNESSE! The first time I realized the existing of this product I straight away thought that it'd be perfect for our Miss FITNESS beauty pageant. NESTLE FITNESSE  is a breakfast cereal designed to help lose weight the right way. 

Nestle has always been a great supporter to our events & this time we're proud to have the brand linked with one of our biggest annual events of the year :)

After dinner last night, my daughters wanted to get something a the supermarket. It was already 9 pm and I was so ready to hit the sack but, I couldn't ignore their little requests. That's when I saw the NESTLE FITNESSE breakfast cereal boxes & decided to get 2 boxes for myself. I read their 14 Day Program which aims to kick start an active & balanced lifestyle. And yes, you could actually lose those unwanted fat if you follow through with the program.

Really you guys, I had a bowl of the breakfast cereal this morning at 8 am, and that's all I had, with few sips of coffee. Then I went off to work at 10 and still felt full by 1 pm when it's time to meet with the press. Only then that I realized my energy level was still up there, I wasn't feeling sleepy or sluggish & the best part was, I didn't crave for an 11 am tea break! (but I guess I was too busy running up and down the escalator checking on my stage set up & I don't know what else.. too busy to feel hungry??) Then, me being me, I started telling all the pageant girls & the reporters how good the cereal was that adding it to their daily diet would surely keep them in shape, and can easily make them lose the unwanted weight :D HHmmm... I should be a Nestle spokesperson ~.~

But of course, a balanced diet throughout the day is vital to keep you stay sane & healthy. By afternoon...... Yup! A super late lunch (3 pm) is not a good idea when planning on a 'Diet Program'. Looking at Delizze menu turned me into a greedy diner. Ehemm.., cut me some slack! Not that greedy lah...... I did NOT have a whole plate of steak to myself, no no..  Shared it with Seri. 

I Want It ALLLL!!
*I was trying very hard to contain my hunger & acted demure lah kononnn!* HaHAHHH!!

Our Australian Tenderloin *omg! perfect..!*

Arman's Huge Plate Of Fish & Chips, Serdappp :)

Sayang's 'Old Timer Burger' *???*

No.. You wouldn't believe me. It's true, it was our first time at Delizze. I've been hearing about the 'new' (not that new anymore) chic cafe and I just hadn't bothered to try it. Now I'm telling you, Go Try! Urrmmm... Guess it's too late for that hah?? I'm sure you've gone... *my excuse; Flight Delay*

Wokayh! Guess you'll be heading to Delizze soon, no? Uh-ha, I wanna go again :)

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