Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nagging Mommy In Yellow

'... mamak is nice but little bit she's marah-marah...'

Kids don't lie, this is how Arman 'sums' me up... Duhh..! Hmmm... Guess I nag too much, tried not to but it's quite impossible when you see books and toys lying around for days sometimes. I'd start with the *helo helo hear me nag* that usually accompanies with a mommy tone, "Please pick these up.. bla bla bla... Don't leave your stuffs lying around..!"

I'm a mom, and no, not all moms are like that. Some would just pick up the whatever there are they see in their paths without saying a single word, and some (like me..) would nag while gathering the mess. Ehemm.. I do pick them up without nagging sometimes but unfortunately, when Arman writes about 'My Family', he remembers the naggy me :/

Hee hee.. it's kinda cute, sayang couldn't stop giggling reading the little note that Arman had put in his work shirt. He couldn't stop teasing me... Ya laaa, Arman was saying his Papa is very good & nice and, Mama's the nag. 

Lucky for the kids I've not enough energy to nag lately... Feeling so tired & drained out as I have continuous events weekly this month. We had a lot of fun with 17 lucky moms who received free makeup makeover from a dear friend who owns a bridal hut. We set up an album for the gorgeous moms in fb and who has the most LIKEs, will be the 'Mom On Facebook Snapshot Contest'. If you'd like to vote, you're most welcome to do so :)

Tuesday the 17th May came by in a nick of time. I was already by the edge and was saved by Wesak Day public holiday! Such a relief I had a day off after a crazy whirlwind couple of weeks. What did I do?? Veg out in front of the tv, you think??? Better! I scrubbed the bathroom walls, cleared my front porch, drilled holes (urrmm.. sayang did that, I helped) in my living room walls (for our family photo that I should have hanged yearsss ago), mop the floor, wash the comforters... A good way to destress. 

And I was only ready to go out for lunch at 4pm, that's a normal thing for us when there's no school or work. Late breakfast equals late lunch/early dinner.

'You're not wearing that t-shirt.. Are you??' sayang asked with a Oh-No look.

'Yes I am.' replying to sayang while looking down at my bright yellow top.

'We're not going to the beach sayang.' my darling hubby 'insisted' I shouldn't wear the bright yellow top.

'I don't have to go to the beach to wear this.' Means I AM WEARING this. 

Yeah.. I agree, I look like Big Bird. Too yellow.

'You better wear something that can tone it down.' sayang finally reacted positive towards my top. I straight away thought of white pants. 

Can't blame my hubby, he usually sees me in grays, whites or blacks. I don't think I ever worn yellow. Hmmm, come to think of it, I am seriously trying to recall have I ever own anything yellow. Ah yes! I had an ugly skirt in yellow, when I was 13 or 14. Urrgghh.. it was ugly, what was I thinking...? I like this yellow top, easy, breezy, light & bright. Good for my stressed-out over-worked soul.

Our makeup makeover got published in the local paper on Sunday, yayyy!! I'm so glad. It's a real plus for our sponsor Azizah. Getting recognition and having a wide coverage in the major newspapers is simply awesome & rewarding! I'm so happy for Waniz Collection

Azizah of Waniz Collection, far left

After our early dinner, I didn't want to go home yet. I've been meaning to go to the Green Gallery at BDC, Kuching, to look for fake orchids. Ya know.. just felt like adding some colour to my home. I thought maybe to make the ambiance more feminine..? (???)

You should come here people! They have some very posh stuffs. And if you're thinking about revamping your home, this is the place you should check out... I mean, they have everything from English furniture to bedazzled throw pillows! All sorts of framed artwork and chandeliers! 

Me?? I went home with two pieces of fake blossoms. It was good though... walking through the neatly decorated glamorous store helped me to face the next morning where piles of papers await loyally for my arrival. Very relaxing and it was good for my nagging :D

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Tiq said...

Yaaa I love that yellow top on you ! Colour blocking is in so being a lil bolder won't hurt.

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