Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Rock

These three little prized possessions of mine represents each one of my daughters. I purchased the first one in 1999, then few years later, a second. In 2006/2007, I purchased the third (and maybe the last of its kind, for me at least). If you look real carefully, they are not exactly the same sizes. Had the last two custom made, with the same amount of little rocks and almost the same weight. 

One day, I will give the three diamond rings to each of my daughters. 

I've been going to the same goldsmith since 1997, I'm sure he's one of the best in town. The reason being that some of the very wealthy families (and very popular) in Kuching buy from the shop. These people get the biggest rock they could find in the shop, WoWWW! It was my mother in-law who introduced me to the shop... Years, years back, I didn't understand why 'older people' (ya haa...! I'm older now, because I've a goldsmith as a friend!!) were so crazy about visiting goldsmiths, and they have their own favorite shops! Hmmm.. now I get it. And I admit, it's one of my weaknesses. I try to stay away from the shop as much as I can.. I've been a good girl +_+ No cravings for now.

ONE?? Well yes, most people think they're a one piece diamond ring. They're three pieces... Depending on my mood, sometimes I'd put on all three (which is a bit rare). When worn one piece is the sweetest I think... My kids say wearing all three on one finger makes my hand looking like a Datin's, eeeeekkkk...!

So, we were sitting at a Japanese restaurant (which also serves Thailand/Chinese style food) at the Kelab Golf Sarawak last Friday night when I started snapping at my own hand.. Mom commented, "What ARe You Doing??"

"Snapping pix of my rings Mak... They've got good lights in here." I said to her while busy looking for perfect angle (aiming at my hand with my BBerry) so my fingers don't look too fat while the diamonds had to catch the best light for perfect glitter :)

My iced cold honey dew juice
(nyummm.. but not good for digestion. Ahhh!! No one's looking)

Arman's super Nyum Nyum choc shake
How ahh? How do kids eat all the oily food and gulp down milky creamy iced choc drink??
Oh ya.. I must be really getting old, only ageing people give that comment

duuhhh.. Colourful & delightfully tasty

Mine! believe me, I can finish that whole bowl of super hot chili. I did

Finish dah

Seri was wearing my (38 - 14 =) 24 year old kurung
It was Friday and she was in the mood of kurung to wear to her extra class, 
sweet :)

I was so excited about the long weekend (I want it back..!!). We took the kids out to the mall on Sunday and like always, when my mind is so relaxed, I started looking for something to spend on. Honestly I did. My Parkson gift card still has some balance in it but I couldn't find anything decent! Everything look yucky! Seriously...! Can you blame people for deciding to shop in KL?? Ahhh.. I must go one of these days, maybe when sayang is on one of his meeting trips, I should tag along. He'd be sitting bored as hell at his meeting while I go cuci mata at D most exciting shopping mall in KL, the Sungei Wang Plaza!! 0_o

Eh.. Helo. The hottest would be Pavilion now lahhh... Apa der! Sungei Wang old school liawww! 

Hmmm.. I still think Sungei Wang is hot. Because they have these little boutiques that sell very affordable & cheap cheap clothes! Am I not right? Really, you're gonna have to help me on this one, I wouldn't know which is D most happening mall these days, how would I?? I haven't been to KL for 12 years already. Yeap! Kinda sad, I know...

Anyways, it's fine. Can still do without. Luckily I found some cute shirts. The design fits me so perfectly I bought them in 3 colours. I'll wear the one in lilac on Mother's Day, where I'll be hosting our 'Mother Daughter Lookalike Contest' this Sunday. Oohhh...! Excited! :)

Forget about KL! I've some happenings to manage right here in our beautiful Kuching. Will definitely blog about the May event whenever I have the chance. It's all about Mom. And speaking of Mom! I do have something I'd like to share but can't yet, we wait till it comes out ya? Hopefully it will, even if it didn't, I'm still flattered because I was sent some questions to answer. There's intention there. 

Till then.. night night everyone :)

Don't feel like the boring gray-T ? Baju free pun jadilah.. 

They're my rock!


Ms Tikot said...

Gambar last sekali... mcm adik beradik ;-) Nice...

Tiq said...

Awww sweet post kak.. especially the last picture ya..gambar kitak ngan anak² & the caption ya really moved me.

Hmmm the hottest mall in KL? Diam di KL tok pun kamek lamak sik bejalan ke shopping mall..last kamek pegi pun sg you said.. affordable & cheap. other than that kamek kan prefer thrifting so street market ya lah shopping mall kamek hhehehe

Mun Pavvy tek..cuci mata jak kamek.huhu..

Wah...bila mok dtg KL tek kak...

Ida Athanazir said...

Ms Tikot, heeheee.. tq. Gia lah mun kawen awal (gilak)

Tiq, if anyone of my kids not home, feel very lonely. So when they're around, I'm happiest

Hmmm.. bila nak ke KL?? Kot Kot tunggu pencen, bila dah tak bz 0_O Aiyooo

Cyril Dason said...

u dont look like a mom of 4... honestly... its like ur daughters are ur sisters, n thw small one is ur brother...

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