Thursday, May 12, 2011

Khatera Coutures

When I first saw Khatera's walls against its dark furniture, it really hit me with the most sexy feeling & definitely brings a wholesome of fresh vibe to the complex. I instantly wanted to get new furnitures & give a new colour to my own living room walls! A true breath of fresh air :D

Yuuhuuuu...!! Don't have to give that smirk and say you've seen chic decos like this before ya dear... As if I haven't!?? Hmmm... well, I've only seen very few, to tell you the truth. I must go out more. Outside Kuching! You should have seen my opened jaw when I walked in the not-ready-to-open-yet Khatera. Yo girl!! I managed to keep my cool & elegance.., don't want to look dowdy & silly in front of the boutique's owner, Sue (who always looks elegant & trendy), now.. do we??

Really, don't you just love the bright & cheerful colour? A real contrast to the whole complex.. Oucchh! hahaaaa...

This photo was taken today

Photo updated 16.5.2011
*my sis Siti wearing one of Khatera's collections*

Khatera Coutures owner Sue, far right
She was among one of my four judges at our Mother's Day contest last Sunday

I walked in to say hi to Sue today and saw that she has had most of the clothes hanged on railings and I found a 'clearance' corner! Yay yay Yay! Clearly I couldn't hide my excitement and joy :D Luckily for me the boutique was actually not 'that' open and I forced myself in, that's when I browsed thru the blouses. Well ya know...... Being the landlord and all they had no choice but to let me in maaaaa.. *wink wink!* 

Girl! Some of the easy breezy tops were only less than RM30! I grabbed a few, tried them on (in Khatera's super romantic fitting room; I See Red People!!) and decided to own 3 of them. Paid less than RM100, home run baby!

Just one thing though.. they are all black *slap forehead*

But NO!! I love them! Really... What better colour to hide my new spare tyres? Agree?? Yup! I've been eating too much and I'm putting on weight..................... Aahhhh what the heck!

So, do drop by girls! Khatera Coutures is located at Sarawak Plaza Level 1, trust me, you wouldn't miss it :) They have bustiers, urban cool dress, dinner dresses (some are on SALE!!), shrugs, lots of shrugs, kebayas, accessories...  Evening clutches, hair clips... Banyak dongg!!

I'll be visiting again soon, often I'm sure. I seriously need a wardrobe makeover, seeing Sue embarrass me. I really look like a bag lady next to her... aiyaa. Sigh, it's time... It's time I put on prettier looking outfits, and I can find them here right under the same roof as my office *BIG JumBo Smile*

The Star 9.5.2011

If I land on the front page after each of my event, I must not take for granted that I really should seriously revamp my wardrobe ;) Note; Less Black please.


f.i.e.z.a said...

mok g juak!
mek suka beli baju nektok hehe

Chii said...

The blouse you tried is really pretty! How long is the sale? (Am going to Kch at the end the of this month) ^^

Ida Athanazir said...

Hi Chii, sorry for late reply.. I haven't had time to visit my blog lately. The sale is while stocks last.. U should check it out, they have some very cool little dresses too :)

Coffee Girl said...

Front page! Wohhooooo! you're a star! well... almost. lol. yes should really reconsider revamping your wardrobe, practice your 'star' angle, and the diva confidence and smile. :-)

Cyril Dason said...

wahh..wah... muka depan. Congrats!!

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