Monday, May 23, 2011

Fever Baybeh!

Dear friends & colleagues, I don't mean to do this but... I've not choice. It's been bugging me for couple of days and I succumbed to forces of nature...

I'm taking medical leave today. I have a LOT of things to settle at the office but I'm sure I won't be able to focus at all in my current condition. Urrmm... at this moment yes, I am at home but not actually resting. My Blackberry is overloaded with photos that's been overdue for downloading and I don't like it! Feel like I'm shutting my eyes to the important events & I definitely don't want the photos to be forgotten. Well yea, you might have hundreds of pictures captured but have you really looked back & see what they were about?? 

Hhmm... Letting memories passed by & having them kept away in one of your folders is simply saddening. And I'm becoming more and more forgetful and so, I chose this day (with my blocked nose & pounding head) to put together few events where I was involved in..

Thursday, with Miss World Harvest Festival 2011 finalist - 19.5.2011

Press Photo Call For Miss FITNESS - 19.5.2011

Azid's pelamin - 19.5.2011

Mummy's Bunga Zikir for Women's Institutes Hari Wanita - 20.5.2011
Mummy made all these using 2 pieces of RM1 notes

Special gift for a special Mom

Feet first!! @Azid's wedding - 21.5.2011

With my darling cousin & sisters!! @Azid's wedding - 21.5.2011

Miss FITNESS Sarawak Plaza WHF 2011 - 22.5.2011

Miss FITNESS winner Faizah; Congrats cuz!!
*whoopppss! yup..! she happens to be my 2nd cousin ;)*

Fresh leafy greens & hot lemon tea for my fever & flu - 22.5.2011

Hubby's Fish & Chips

My baked mussels with cheese

After Miss FITNESS, I could feel my energy and whole body was totally drained out and the fever started knocking on head again. I was having a fever from early morning and during the event but ignored it, the adrenalin rush helped me to sustain being on my feet all day. 

The flu started after the Saturday wedding, then in the evening I rushed to the complex for Miss FITNESS rehearsal. No No..! That didn't help... I got up Sunday morning feeling all wobbly & puffy. Man oh man...! It couldn't wait after the big event, really, it was the last thing I had wanted. But, the show must go on and it went on with some minor glitch... Overall, it was a huge success. Puan Jane of SCV praised for the job well done... Urrmm... yes. Again, a relative won the pageant. Last year my niece Hani won, pure coincidence. That's why I'm not one of the judges, I couldn't anyway. Had to be the person to make sure everything goes as planned. Woohhh! Tiring lahh.. back stage, front, left right left.. front again... ran to the left.. aduhhh... But the girls were very entertaining :)

Sayang & I went to try this (new) place at Matang Jaya. The simple casual restaurant is called Flinders. I was so ready to hit the floor (yup! no pillows no mattress.. the floor will do!) when darling hubby took me out for a simple dinner, just the two of us. Romantic...?? Ya HAAA!! With my puffy red eyes and runny nose, huh! Very the romanticccc....! Forget about my itchy nose, the leafy greens were so refreshing. And the mussels were just perfect for my haywired appetite. My happy hormone crawled in and the short date made me feel a whole lot better :D

I have more photos of the wedding & beauty pageant to share here. It will have to wait...

I know you can't make everybody happy. Sometimes, you did everything right but the other party didn't do their part. They ended up feeling upset and said we didn't do enough to locate their unfamiliar face in the crowd. What?? How?? I'm still puzzled. She recognized me but didn't come forward to introduce herself. Tell me how was I supposed to 'locate' her when I didn't even know how she looked like? And she was upset because I didn't locate her. Hmmm... still don't get it. 

Miscommunication always ended with horrible misunderstandings. Worse when you did everything right but things didn't go as planned because your message hanya tinggal message... duhhhh

Yup, I admit. I'm a bit distracted by these few hiccups, what can I do?? We learn from it. Hopefully it'll pass, but I can't get this one off my mind. Come to think of it, funny lah that lady said that to me. She should have come out front the crowd and introduced herself, then of course she would have been included. Well then, what done was done. If they make that as an excuse to not participate in the future, I've nothing to say. Don't like awkwardness... It's gonna be hard to tackle that, I'm sure. But after all that has happened, in time hopefully she'll cool down & forget the ugly incident. 

Tough. Can't make everyone happy. But we try not to hurt and do our best to fulfill the requests. Right now I just want to get better and go back to work by tomorrow. Have a good week you all!

Happy 17th Birthday To My Darling Seri!

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