Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DBKU Cat Museum

So, this was my trip to our very own Cat Museum... did you know that DBKU Cat Museum has entered the Malaysia Book of Records as the first Cat Museum in the country that was officially opened in 1993? I didn't know either! *shame*

The other time we came here was many years back, dad & us all even experienced having Hari Raya Open House right here at the DBKU restaurant. But I only visited the museum couple of times.. once we brought Ayu & Seri to the museum when they were just babies :) *ooohhh.. my sweet babies.. Yeah, miss them when they're little. They do everything you tell them to do, hmmmm...*

Arman came home and said that he was selected among his other friends to participate in the coloring contest that's held in the museum itself in conjunction with the DBKU Annual Cat Show. 

Letter to the mayor.. not so much about the letter I suppose,
look at the stamps :D

The last time (when..???? Lupa lah..) we were here, I didn't give much attention to what the Cat Museum had on display. I was too busy looking for perfect spots to snap photos of my little girls. Uh-huh, ya... it was a very very long time ago, in 95 maybe... This time, me & sayang toured like tourists. Over time, the DBKU Cat Museum has had a lot more items in relations to CATS for display. Kuching towners are welcome to donate merchandises (anything with CATS) and the museum even received a letter addressed to the mayor all the way from Japan with catty stamps :)

You will find all kinds of photos, artifacts, posters of superstars & rock bands and even proverbs that have put this special god's species a very special place in our hearts. And not forgetting some facts on Sarawak's history, went all the way back to the fourteen hundred when we were governed by Temenggongs & Radens...

Oh ya!! I had the chance to snap few pics of LIVE cats outside the museum, in the DBKU lobby area. Gosh! They're just adorable.. I have my own Persian, we call him Oden, but I never take photos of him though.. I'm not superstitious but the last times (yup! few times!!) I snap photos of my beloved cats they ended up dead, and our first Persian was stolen (miss you Hesky) when he was wandering around the front area of the house. My only consolation was, I knew he'd be well taken care of :(

So, I won't take photos of our cats anymore. The last was Tutu, and yes, sadly, he too passed on... Anyways! Back to our museum... I'm not too sure about the entry fee, because it was a special day, they didn't charge us. Maybe you have to pay a little, then again, maybe you don't. But they will charge if you intend to take photos. Digital camera RM4, camera phones RM3.

Arman didn't finish his coloring, he was too busy looking at the other kids trying to finish their coloring in time.. dhaaaa....

'Nyeng nyenggg...'  is how we call out to our cats in Sarawak

Sarawak's heroes & rulers


One of the many proverbs
'Kucing Bertandok' means an impossible happening

Typical Garfield 

Below, Bay Cat in skin and sans skin (???)

Our CM presented the award (for being listed in the Malaysia Book Of Records)
to our then Mayor

You want more?? You'll just have to visit the museum yourselves then.. :)

Happy holidays & Selamat Hari Gawai! Cheers :D


wa khairul onggon said...

Kmk mun kwn sememnanjong dtg, situklah antara tempat kmk embak sidak.. Mcm sik cayak sidak ada muzium khas ttg pusak hehehe.. :)

Tiq said...

Oh....thank you kak for the Gawai wishes. This year kamek sik balit gawai, kamek blt lepas gawai..hehehe..
I think last kamek pg museum ya tahun 2002 atau 2003 kali.oh malu juak kamek nang sik tauk dh masuk Malaysia Book of Records tek...yalah kita tok mun dh tmpt dirik empun, nang malas mok gago.. sikap tidak baik tu..heheh
so enjoy your holidays kak..kitak cuti sik 1st & 2nd June..

p/s: .awal bulan 4 kamek polah tattoo baru kamek ariya kak..ohhh sakit nang sik boh padah gik..heheh tapi polah juak..hehehe

Alv0808 said...

I love the cats..never have a chance to visit that museum. I've been to Kuching few times but time so jealous on me hehehe..

Ida Athanazir said...

Onggon, yes. Our cat museum is unique and banggalah ktk show off our pride :)

Tiq, Kuching sitok memang semua org public holiday 1st & 2nd, termasok kmk. Maseh panjang cuti kmk now, enjoy eh :D

Alv, must come see one day. They have some very interesting details & infos, I must say :))

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