Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cousins' Weddings

With cousin Nina & new cousin Jess (the bride)

It wasn't so much about the wedding, it's the whole gathering, laughing, eating together and making fun of one another. We took a whole load of photos as if we on only meet once a year. As a matter fact, yes! That is so true! The last family wedding I attended before Azid's was Nina's I think...

Half of my cousins are scattered all over Kuala Lumpur and one somehow ended up in Kota Kinabalu. Nowadays, we only get together (like really gather gather) at weddings and unfortunately sometimes, at funerals. When we were little, or rather younger... we'd gather at our Mak Nenek's house at Jalan Satok where it is the Bangunan Satok now. A handful few couldn't attend the wedding and what we have for them are photos of the crazy bunch of us cousins! Hahaa.. you can say that again!! Acting our age when we're together isn't our thanggg!! It's like we're little again playing at our grandparent's huge lawn doing whatever some 8 and 10 years old do just for fun. 

Digital cameras & camera phones were snapping like crazy and everyone was taking everyone's photos. It was fun! Turning left and right and even from above cousins snapping from every angle to be shared later in facebook. Huh!! Thank god for fb :D

This crazy bunch came form ...

this bunch...
Uncle Ibrahim not in the photo
My dad standing.. the little one :)

Our Beloved Mak Nenek

Cousin Zack (Nadia's fiancĂ©e)

Cousin Abang Is

Cousin Abang Aq

Zack snapping at me...

While I'm snapping at him...

Cousin Nina trying to catch a shot

Everyone of us made each other felt like celebrities!! Ooohhh ooohhhh!! Paparazzi!! 

Mirror.. I see mirror!! Let's squeeze together and take few shots! :)

My mom, my Mak Nenek's youngest sister, Nek Usu Sura,
cousin Nina & sister Siti

'Nadia, you're next!' She's like one of us already ;)

You do not want to dine with us.. trust me!
You will choke to death ;)

We represent complete siblings of my dad's 5 siblings (including him)

The new generation

The older generation *sigh*

Great aunt with one of our aunts

Siti has a special bond with the groom, my cousin Azid. Actually, she has a special bond with all our cousins! She was one of the younger (ehemm... and cuter) ones and always been the center of attention. She was bestowed with an important duty on Saturday, as the maid of honor. 

The next wedding in the calendar would be cousin Zack's. After Saturday, Nadia is really praying that all of us could be with them on their special day in October... in Miri! Oh wow! It's gonna be a bit tough... kinda far. I've never really left town just for a wedding, and with my work schedule I'm not so sure that I'll be able to make it. Plus, Seri is sitting for her SPM exam in November. Phew...! But I would really love to be there, maybe to take some time off from work too. Anyways, I've never been to Miri. No.. Never. Yup! I've been living under a shell so to speak... pity me :p Been there, touched down at the airport just for a transit on the way to Limbang some years ago. That was it. 

I was telling my sisters how I'd be walking with my head looking up all the way walking around fast growing KL, shocked by the changes. I'd be too amazed with all the sky scrappers to walk like a normal person, yeah... 12 years people! 12 years I've not set foot in KL.

Anyways, it's not about going to KL, KK, Miri, Telok Penyu or Bali...! Gatherings are rare for the busy bunch like us. Guess we need more weddings in the family.

Siti, bila gik...?

Whoopppss!! I hope she didn't overshadow the bride.. 

Sister Siti with our new cousin, Jess

With my siblings & my mom :D

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