Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Blessed Mother's Day

Before our Mother & Daughter Lookalike Contest starts, one shot for the album :D

Mother's Day this year is work for me. As also last year, and I'm guessing the future years to come... if I'm still attached with the company I'm working for now. 

I came across a line in a magazine I was reading just now that says, 'How We Got Our Jobs At ...'. And an answer from an interviewee, " how you hear about the best jobs." I mean, how do you define The Best Jobs? Is it the kind that pays you very high but with less stress plus less WORK?? Or, is it the the kind that gives you the 'Satisfactory' that you've never thought you'd ever experience though being paid much less (than you think you should)? Ah yes..! Maybe the kind that what you always hear people say, 'Make a living by doing something that you really love doing!' Blahhhh... HelllO!

EHeMmmm.. Reality check; Are we as lucky as Chef Wan?? I mean, he loves cooking, for doing something that simple he's become a millionaire in his own right. Most of us don't actually have a choice, we would have to spend our precious RM1 each day just to check if there is anything suitable, urrmmm... Let me rephrase that. Available, yes. Anything will do, we'd do anything as long as we're 'hired'. 

Yes, I am lucky to have a great job. I wouldn't say it's D perfect job but, I'm happy most of all because I have great colleagues & nice bosses. And I do like doing what I do now, syukor alhamdulillah. Honestly, can be tough at times, it's the little things that stress me out sometimes. Getting things ready in time & trying very hard to avoid hiccups can be mind-blogging. Pheww... 

Today was no different from any of my event days. Mothers who participated in our Mother & Daughter Lookalike Contest today had a real blast. We had so much fun and everyone was dressed for the occasion, so was I :D

I wore my new lilac shirt and the funny part was, it matches the judges' table skirting!! Kwang kwang kwaaannnggg....!! But of course it goes so well with our pink-purple backdrop :) Having a successful event WITH an article that features you & your kids in one of the major newspapers had made my day a very special one indeed. 

Sarawak Tribune 8.5.2011

Writer & friend Grace Balan-Law contacted me a week ago telling me she wanted to feature me in her Mother's Day article in the New Sarawak Tribune. It was really an honor to be picked and I agreed right away that I'd do an email interview. Boy oh boy did I have to answer some really tough questions...! Wooohhhh...!! They were simple questions but I really had to give a really good thinking before deciding what would be my best answer. I was under a little bit of pressure as I didn't have much free time to think, by the time I had the little spare time, I was already tired & sleepy. But, I gave it my best shot, Grace was waiting.

My answers were summarized & I like the way Grace put them together in the article. Got few extra copies (don't know why I needed to do that) for myself, hee heee..., just in case. Maybe I'll keep one and get my kids to keep one for themselves as well, for keeps. And I think I'll frame it too!! Yeahhh...! That's a good idea, you think?? ;)

We had an early dinner at Sushi King, or should I say, late lunch?? Okay, dinner... (as it was already 5pm). As usual, my only meal before the early dinner was a bowl of Nestle FITNESSE cereals. How to ear liaw?? Was busy like from 10am straight till 4pm. AHHaa! Diet alright.. diet my Foot! I ate so much just had to go straight home right afterwards.. too full to go round round Kuching le...

It's a good day. Feel very blessed! To all mothers out there, I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Mother's Day. Hope you had a great time with your loved ones and maybe received some special gifts too. *hmmm... I didn't get any, no* But yes, I still feel blessed :)

Ayu's not around today, that's the only thing that's missing. I hope she'll be home soon. I'm okay, she's busy with her Uni's curricular. All we mothers want for our children is for them to be healthy & successful in whatever that they choose to do. Hopefully they get to do what makes them truly happy. 

Till next post, have a productive week ahead peeps!

Borneo Post 8.5.2011

From yesterday's press photo call with Nestle

Our winner today, cute!!

'Wei! Make sure you snap from MY good angle now...!"


Chii said...

Happy Mother's Day to u!!

Coffee Girl said...

Happy Mother's Day Ida! You have such beautiful kids! Lucky mummy you. Nang busy ajak kitak oo... every weekend ada event. mun aku, oh tidak...

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