Friday, April 1, 2011

What We Women Want

What does a woman really want?

Men say we women only want to hear what we want to hear. That we women don't really mean what we say but expect men to understand what we're really trying to say. I think by now you men can understand already laa... Unless, you choose not to understand because (men had said) we women don't actually say what we want to say. Then, if we say what we really want to say, mostly they're things that men don't actually want to hear. So, try to guess what are the things that we're trying to tell you but couldn't because we don't want to say what you don't want to hear simply because we don't want to annoy the love of our life. Yes, you're correct... We expect you to read our mind :)

I've been watching this drama on tv called 'Ustaz Amirul' for the past few weeks (but missed  some episodes) and tonight would be the final episode. How it became that he had two wives was when his first wife asked him to marry his childhood friend (who's in love with him). Well, lucky him!

From the Drama 'Ustaz Amirul'... Amirul with his two wives

Gorgeous Cast

Clips from the last episode showed that the first wive wasn't happy when the husband was spending more time with the ill second wife. Her aching heart now was giving her all sorts of suggestions... which include that the second wife wasn't really ill that she's just acting to gain extra attention from the handsome Ustaz Amirul. 

So noble of her, very 'sporting', or rather 'supporting' to let her husband take a second wife... It was okay at first, but she couldn't take it anymore. She was missing her dear husband, it'd be different though if he went travelling for work but no, jealousy started to haunt her. I can understand how she's feeling, I wouldn't want to be in her place though, no thanks. She gives, allows, I guess she expected the other party should 'cooperate' as well. I'm not blaming the second wife, the husband should take some time to think how the first wife would feel if left alone all by herself for too long. He THOUGHT she'd understand, that the other wife needed assistance & moral support. She did, at first. He had said to the first wife that she was the one who 'asked' for all these when the first wife finally expressed her frustrations. Of course that is true but he must understand that the first wife expected him to be fair to both wives, that is why she gave consent for him to marry another in the first place.

He read her mind alright, but somehow line tidak clear after awhile, at some point... :p

We know you men aren't psychic! But why can't you be one for your women..? I meant, womAn. Ehemmm.. hello, I'm not a supporter for polygamy marriages. No sir! *touchhhh wood*

Now, let's talk about what we want. Hmmm... come to think of if, we're not asking much. We just want your undivided attention & affection. Money? Money is good, no doubt. But money can't buy you love or total happiness, really. You can buy us a dozen designer handbags (yes, we love them!),  buy the biggest diamond ( can afford :p) and shower us with expensive gifts everyday, still not enough darling. What we really want is YOU, in person! And with all that gifts at the back of  your wagon ;)

And we want our men to ourselves...! One on one!!.. Errmmmm, that didn't come out right... We don't want to share, no sharing, no no!! Mai! Enggai! Tak MaUUUU!

Ah well.. We are soft hearted creatures. If we give, we give in abundance. But don't take us for granted. Don't simply think that we're okay. You know bahh if we're not okay, the cold shoulder, the quiet I'm-not-talking-to-u act... And don't start telling us, "How to layan??! I've three wives/households to take care of!!"

Who asked you to have more than one wife then??!

Okay, this is not about NO POLYGAMY. Sorry... 

Just pujuk if we merajok. Say 'sorry'.. Ya, I know, that is very hard for you to say. Just... Try.

Enough said.  

Wokay folks! I hope you'll have a great weekend, got anything planned? ...Me? I've loads of errands to do tomorrow, you enjoy your family time, okay? :) And don't forget that last 'Ustaz Amirul' episode tonight.


Embun Malam said...

i love diz n3 kak... it is so TRUEEE... couldn't agreed more... =)

how r u kak...? lmk xjengok ctok... lmk dah x blogwalking...

mamasita said...

agree with you...lucky to have such an understanding partner..eventhough sometime need to tell him the truth!

Coffee Girl said...

I like your first perenggan... haha. Got me confused there for awhile with the you-yours-me-my. baca 3 kali baru paham.

I know right?? Why cant men just set their mind for just 1 woman, like we set our minds for just 1 man? I never understand how anyone into polygamy can ever be fair. Just like the peribahasa said, no one ca have 2 lords. sigh... I tengok cerita ya pun i dah upset (adalah juak nanga 1 or 2 episode pulang keja sebab boring)...

Ida Athanazir said...

E Malam, sihat dear, mcm biasa.. sibuk memanjang kmk tok :)

mamasiti, tough sometimes. My events r on weekends so... juggle time is kinda heartbreaking

coffee girl, MEN!!

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