Sunday, April 17, 2011

Too Pampered

Mmmm... get me outa here!!

Naa.. I didn't like it. Uncomfortable.. I mean, how do people go to facials & can still sleep thru 'this'? I can do with just the massaging & pampering. But, having every single pore on your face being pulled into 20 different directions at a time (and you have like millions of pores on your face, helo..!!) isn't something I fancy. And I was like.. Mmmm.. MmmmMMmmmMm. .. MMMmmmMM.. (stupidly trying to tell my hubby what I had planned the next day). "Mama, you're not supposed to speak..." Seri rolled her eyes 0_o

My mother in-law's sister Chi' Idot made homemade face mask and Seri's been using it for the past few days. I came home Friday night and she told me to get cleaned because she wanted me to try the mask. Ah well, she was actually in the mood for 'I'm A Beautician Today', and I pretended to be the client. The mask was made of natural resources and it doesn't get any natural than this :)

Chi' Idot inherits this special skills from her late mom, my husband's late grandmother, Nek Hajah Jijah. Nek Jijah always had natural home remedies kept away in case any of her family members needed something for bruises, cuts, stomach aches etc.. Hopefully someone with take after Chi' Idot. 

Speaking of pampering... I had 2 free 'Pamper Me' hi-tea tickets given to me and it cost a whooping RM138 each! I thought it would so sayang if no one went for the hi-tea. Siti has agreed to go with my Seri, but at the last minute Seri decided she preferred to stay in and study instead.. Shhaaahhhhh!! Mama asked her to go and enjoy hi-tea and she decided to bury her face in her books??! And naturally, Siti didn't want to go either. I was pissed because if they had told me earlier I could find two other friends to give the tickets to but it was already 11:30am on Saturday morning and the event started at 1pm. Of course I could go but I've decided not to the minute I received the tickets.. I'd rather spend my afternoon with my sayang (aawwwww...) :p

But, sayang memang seribu kali sayang... I sayang the tickets more!! Ahahaahahaaa.... I decided to go at the very last minute, and Siti mumbled, "You guys! Make up your mind already..!"

I made her fetch me by 12:30pm and off we went, I promised sayang I'll pack him some food. Urrmm.. seriously, I didn't lahh!!! Siti & I left half way through the event, couldn't wait... I had something more important to do. 

Always, always eat more veges & fruits :)
pssstt..! *whispering* the show was kinda boring ~_~
food was ok

My date, sista Siti

Caught up with former NTV7 news presenter, Fiona Jane Bara Abdullah
we ate a whole plate of fried chicken together, Yes!!

I miss jumbo mirrors :D

Then it was time to cast my vote and the unthinkable happened!

OMG!! Oh ya..! Thank god I was on time. Yup! I cast my vote, alhamdulillah... So embarrassing, my husband couldn't stop giggling on our way to my polling station and still teased me hours later. How could I? I left behind D most important item to bring for MENGUNDI, my identity card. And it was already 4pm, thank god I had an F1 driver with me... Oh my blog..! Too pampered I guess, sampai leka, huh... Pheewww, what a day.

Yes, they were happy to see me :)

And what a weekend! My event didn't really go as planned, quite literally. I'm not going into details about it, too depressing. Hmmm.. But luckily participants didn't throw any chicken wings or slippers at me, thank god. They're too nice to me.. Thanks guys! See you at our next events, ya??

And events, yes, we have!! No free weekend in May, no NO. See for yourselves..

Even my boss went 'blink blink' when he saw the list. Yikes!

Well well... Monday Monday Monday. What not to love?
Have a productive week you guys!


elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

this crack me up. ahaha.. I thought I am the only weird 'perempuan' on this planet who hated facial treatment. I remember went on one before my wedding (after persuaded by my aunts)n I went because they pay for it. they said it will be the best day. AS IF!! to this day i can vividly remember how tormented i felt! i remember thinking, "How possibly can they sleep tru this?". Yeah.. the beautician even put on slow music and steamed fragant oil.. but nothing ease me. I must say, one of the worst 2 hours of my life! period! :)

by the way, happy monday to you ^^

Chii said...

Lol. I was able to fall asleep during facial treatments but not on massages! should be relaxing but I was too curious about where will they pull my muscle next and how much will it hurts :))

AinnalinaRamdzan said...

kmk pun bencik part nya micit2 ya... pasya boleh gik nya nanyak... sakit x? Mun ikutkan hati maok ajak angkat terus dari katil ya... tapi sbb ada mak, ngamok dalam hati ajakla... tapi lepas ya... wohoo!!! refreshing...hehe

Coffee Girl said...

Ida, next time you have free tickets (which im sure u always get) kasi la sini... sharing is caring! LOL

Ida Athanazir said...

girls, i guess kalau nak cantik mesti sakit sakit dahulu, no?? ..heehee..

urrmm.. coffee girl, InsyaAllah, akan ingat :D

stay cheerful you all!

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