Thursday, April 28, 2011

Think Fat Ars!

Mazcie (far left) & Lyn (far right)

We will miss our dear Mazcie & Lyn as they will be leaving us real soon. They are both students at Kuching Polytechnic and have been attached with our office for the past few months on practical training.

They've assisted me a lot with my events... though they're just some little tiny minnie things but I wouldn't be able to get my work done if I had to stamp hundreds of shopping vouchers all by myself! It'll take me a whole day to do just that. I hope when they leave, they'll leave with a 'box' full of experiences & new skills to be added to their resumes :) *no! we don't want them to go...* :( Really gonna miss them... 

Acquiring new skills may be easy, well.. It is easy as a matter of fact. All you need is your focus and dedication. 'Can learn one maaa....' 

Through experiences, some fresh ideas will emerge from this thick skull, but new ideas don't just fall on ones lap. Some people do a session of brain storming and some would just sit in a meeting room for hours scribbling nothings on dozens of A4 papers. Few would come up with some great invention by just sitting on the toilet bowl... true.  

And some do it casually, you know... over coffee breaks or just simply by walking over to a colleague's desk to borrow an eraser and start chatting about the crazy weather. Then somehow few topics will lead to, "The company should....... " 

"Hmm... that's a great idea. I think bla bla blabla blaaa..."

Well ya-haa, it was something that came to your mind and you just had to say it to a colleague who later emailed that brilliant idea (as his own) of yours to the top management!! Scum bag!

I mean, do you have any idea what you did?? You didn't THINK (ahh.. no, obviously he didn't) that Mr Jumbo Boss wouldn't ask you to elaborate on the idea to make IT happen? NEWS FLASH people!! Yup! Mr Jumbo Boss did ask him, in front of E V E R Y O N E. What happened..?!

Well well well..., Mr It-Was-My-Brilliant-Idea went Daffy-Ducky lah! O_O
"Arr berda berdaaa berdaaa dadaa ddaaaaa berdadadadaaaaa..." 
Huh! Jawablah monyet!

And the Mr His-Original-Idea was there too, witnessing the embarrassment. Wohh! Shame lah..! Later, Mr Jumbo Boss did find out who actually was the person behind the original proposal. And he even gave the impression that he too didn't believe it was Mr Daffy-Ducky's original idea. There you go, from a contributor (so-called) to good ideas, now, becomes another mangkok. And Mr Jumbo Boss is well aware of your 'brilliant' mind. In 'Wannabe Employees' book you go..

Some got caught. And some got promoted, but they'll never go far. The most sincere may not get the biggest pay check by end of the month, but they are the happiest of all. No doubt the mangkuks get the fattest salaries, not fair? Huh.. Please tell me something I don't know. We wouldn't care too much if the scum bags didn't step all over us just to get to where they wanted to be in the organization. How do you deal with it?? Well, to be honest, I don't really have the answer... Of course, the first I'd do is punch the b**ch in the face... *STOP*! Don't want no lawsuit now do we... Okay, relax sista, calm down. So, stay numb?? I tell you, you have to be a very strong person to do that. If it was me, I'd BURST into an ugly angry mommy! Ya-Haa.. You wouldn't want to see that, na-Aa.

Don't be a stupid colleague now okay? You'll lose out, eventually. And if you kantoi, where to stuff your face?? You'll be lucky if you have a big fat ass...! To stuff that mangkuk face of yours lahhh, ada paham??


Enough with Fair Not Fair... I've some issues I've to settle myself. The pure cranberry juice cost me RM50 baby! I've been taking it the past few days and it's working... Don't want to feed my system with anymore unnecessary anti biotics, I'm opting a natural cleansing. Well, unless it gets worse, we'll be visiting the doctor's office, again...!

Gonna be a crazy May, events lined up weekly. That ain't crazy, that's the UNTHINKABLE!

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