Thursday, April 7, 2011

No Rollers, Yes Bolero!

"Mama, have you tried using the hair rollers you bought few weeks ago?"
Seri asked me last week.

Hmmm.. I haven't laa... Not enough hair, urrmm.. I mean, not enough time to be bothered with my hair. Even the curling iron I bought in December I still have no idea how it actually functions! I want to try, but scared I'd burn my sideburn instead! Yikes...!

"What hair rollers??" Papa replied to Seri, while I was still daydreaming the dream I've been dreaming where I've actually used the tools & make my hair looks bouncy and cuter.

"Hair rollerrrrr... The ones you use to roll your hair lah sayang." I knew where he was going, I heard it before, but when I saw the self-stick-on (or whatever you call it, it has little bristols that allow the roller to stay put in your hair) hair rollers at Watsons, just had to get them, in case, just in case, I need to do my hair.

"You are NOT wearing those in bed with me.. are you? And if you are, don't expect to be sleeping with me with them ON YOU!" My darling hubby insisted... So I guess I'll wear them on the way to work, in the car, for the 1 hour ride from home to schools to my office, no? Hmmm.. thought so. Aiiiiiyaaa.

Wish I Look That Good In Rollers


Well then, can you blame him?


No worries! No curls?? No bouncy hair?? Sokay.. I have something else to brag about. Brace yourself Blog Cop! Yaa haaa, you heard me..! I went shopping, AGAIN!! Not good, really. People, this is not healthy. But I couldn't help it, had to. NO choice (?????). There is no way I could find anything like that in town. Simple, cute (SuPERR cute!!), chic. And there were only two pieces. If you're quick, you can have the black one. I grabbed the one in olive :)

I wore this bolero today. Oh Yes, I LOVE IT!
Found @Ground Floor, Hock Lee Centre, (forgot boutique's name) next to SCR, RM80

I Want The One In Black Too... Can Wait End Of The Month?? *check wallet -__-*

It's true you know. That we teach our children best by our example. One lady told me once, upon reaching home, she would take off her kurung top, pulled her kurung bottom way up right above her breast (to cover her bra), and she would be in the kitchen cooking dinner wearing just that. To some of our elderlies, it's labelled 'ceridak' (messy & 'dirty looking').

We go to bed with bedak sejok all over our face (with rollers in our hair!). Imagine being our husbands, you think you'd turn him on looking like that? Then, we get up in the morning, clean our face, take rollers out, put make up and perfume on and off to work. If your husband starts... "Wah, looking pretty aren't we??" ....Not complimenting, I'd say.

Well of course he'd be all sarcastic & upset. Why?? You'll have to go back to two paragraphs up, read again love.

You only work hard at looking good for people outside, but not inside your own home. I talked to a colleague today at lunch, story about how her mom would wait for her father at 4 pm everyday, all bathed & pretty, lipstick on with proper top and proper bottom, not the bottom as the top too! And definitely not in a night gown (again, with rollers in her hair) welcoming her husband home from work. Imagine how happy the dearest husband was :)

Dato' Dr Hj Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah used to say, "If you want your (troubled) marriage to change, don't expect the other party to change first. Change yourself first. Look at yourself in the mirror, most probably the trouble started with you, not your husband."

Doesn't look like I'll be experimenting the rollers when he's around haa?
Fine, I'll live :D


Anne B. said...

so true so true!! some people afraid that they might lose their hubby but when i see how they dress up everyday..hopeless.they should impress their hubby by looking good in the eyes ;) just an opinion k.

Anonymous said...

I think I prefer using heated rollers.

Wan Sharif said...

Ajaran Islam yang sempurna dan menyeluruh.. dah ada sejak 1400 tahun dulu.. cuma ramai yang tak mahu ambil tahu saja.. ;)

Chii said...

point taken :)

Ida Athanazir said...

This was just my own opinion, through experience. But maseh juga perlukan tip tip dari yang lebih berpengalaman :) TQ all.

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