Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Man For My Nuts

Syukor alhamdulillah, I've been lucky. It would surely be tough to have to deal with car trouble when your man isn't around to 'man' it for you. Definitely the last thing I'd want to face whenever my husband goes on one of  his business trips. 

Tonight was no exception. We were on our way back home from the ATM when the right side of the rear tires blew. Yes, it kinda exploded & punctured at all sides! Phewww....! Luckily it happened about 200 meters from the nearest patrol station. Had to drive the car with the spoiled tire all the way before we could park safely,... 

""Beblopp, beblopp... bebloppp... beblopp...""

*Hmmm, I've to learn how to do this sooner or later...* I really paid attention to what my husband was doing and decided that I could have done it all by myself, seriously! Ummm, cannnnnn, sure CAN ONE!! If I didn't panic first! If I didn't reach for my phone first (before even getting out of the car to see what was actually the problem) and if I didn't cry or freak out wondering how to get home, when to get home and planning to take emergency leave the next day... *stress stress!!*

Huh. Women.

Aa-Aa! Not all women Okay...!?

Okay girls, lesson one. All you need is, these three tools. Easy lah! And a spare tire, of course. First, you don't jack up the car yet, no no. Hubby said loosen the nuts a bit first, THEN you jack. When the tire is slightly hanging above the ground, you can continue loosen all the nuts and finally get the spoiled tire out of the way! -almost done-

Arman also paid attention to what his Papa was doing

Then, get the spare tire, put it into place and, NUT it :D

Easy...! No sweat.. Hee heee.. easy for me to say. I think, if it was me, I'd get one of the boys at the patrol station to help me, I think laa... Well, I'd really love to do it myself but I'm scared I would be in a panic mode I wouldn't be able to tell the difference which is the nut and which is the spare tire. (???!?)

Who would wish for something like this to happen to them?? Especially not me, please no.  Whenever sayang goes travelling, I pray that the kids and I wouldn't have to visit the workshop or worse, the hospital! Well, I know that things like this do happen. If they did happen, I will have no choice but to face them all by myself. I'd be forced to put on my SuperMom suit.. haishhh!! Oh god... Not funny at all. 

Really, I used to make sayang fill up the fuel at the maximum whenever he's not in town for few days, so I didn't have to do it myself. Because, I didn't know how!! I had to eventually, well.. Not that I didn't know how, I just have this phobia seeing queues. Imagine me filling up and all of a sudden three cars waiting (patiently and maybe impatiently) for me to end my turn. Oh my blog! That truly stress me out, honestly, I'm not joking. I would start to panic (seeing people waiting for me and what appears to me to be endless queue) and somehow I'd become really really nervous. When you're nervous, you become stupid, when you're stupid, you don't know which what button is for what! I might just stuff the nozzle inside my mouth instead! *duhhh.. that IS stupid*

I'm 'better' now. I've learned to ignore the queue (not true). Smart, yeah... Be smart. Fill up when the traffic is not heavy :) Pandai anak mak.

I go yadaaa yadaaa yadaa on blah blah blahh in my blog, saying to do this better how not to do whatever like that yadaaa yadaa yadaaa, but, look at me! Filling up fuel makes me go nuts.

Fuuhhh! Hopefully I wouldn't have to change tires, hopefully when anything that needs a man to handle, my man will be there for me. Otherwise, I'll make him come home instantly, I'll pull his neck through the phone if I had to!! Just to get him home right there & then!

No?  ...Not possible. Face it, you'll have to be ON YOUR OWN at times. *sigh*


Chii said...

hahaha...i used to be afraid to go to the gas stations, but not anymore. the only thing i have problem now is 'tayar kurang angin'. a guy friend had showed me how to 'isi angin' once, but when i did it myself, it was the other way around! haha. i have no choice but to wait for my boyfriend to come all the way from Lumut to KK next week and have him do it.

but i never experience a flat tire before and i hope i will never get to experience it! i don't have anybody at my speed dial. *sighs*

Coffee Girl said...

Thank God I never have to do those and never happened to me. But I bet it wud be soo cool to at least look independent and macho. Haha. Tedah kitak.

Cyril Dason said...

My tyre got flat also a few weeks ago, and guess what.. I didn't change it. A few friends did LOL.

To be honest, I was a lil embarassed that I was clueless on what I should do =P

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