Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kate In Kebaya

Tweeted by Martha Stewart
'Her dress looks very much like Msian's & Indonesian's 'Kebaya'
style wedding gowns!'

I agree... That was a tweet by Martha, word by word! The top part of Kate's wedding gown looks very much like our kebaya. Some say it's too simple, some commented she should have longer train/veil as should be worn by any princess and some think her dress was lack of 'bling bling!', ha haaa.. not enough glitters. Not necessary...

We all have our own preferences, once I heard a woman's description of an outfit that 'shouts' is made of "Gado-Gado", meaning; made with loads of bling bling, ruffles and full of vibrant colours. Urrmm.. no gado-gado for me please, thank you. 

I'd wear what Kate had on, like most women would after seeing the wedding of the century live on TV yesterday. You should wear what best suits your personality & not based on others' opinions. Clearly Kate knew what she wanted to wear on her big day and I must say, she looked utterly stunning in the Alexander McQueen wedding gown.

But did you notice her waistline?? Well I'm sure as a woman, like any of us women would really, she was (and is and will be..) under a little bit of pressure to maintain a certain look, at all times; Looking svelte and trimmed. As a matter of fact, I think she has lost some weight prior to the wedding, she shouldn't continue losing anymore. Skinny isn't always pretty. And oh Ya! Let's not forget her Prince Charming, William looked handsome & both of them were glowing with happiness.

Funny.. hee hee.. I went out to town today to get the papers and all front pages were covered with news of the Royal Wedding. We had another press handingover yesterday and the press release came out today :D *I'm glowing because they were in major newspapers*.... Always, always and never fail to make me nervous. You see, it doesn't always go as you planned. Some will print, certain papers won't... So, the only thing I could do was wait, and kept my fingers crossed.

Borneo Post 30.4.2011

May is gonna be a hectic month for me, we've scheduled weekly events.. Phewww...! Hectic but it's gonna be a lot of fun, I know it. Boss handed me a set of Calvin Klein Eternity perfume set yesterday afternoon and I honestly think he was giving it to me! *excited for a moment there* I really believed (20% only) it was for me till he said, "...for your Mother's Day program"

"...Ahhh Sir! I thought it was for me!!" I exclaimed to him. Then he replied, "If I gave it to you, I would have to give to everyone." He smiled..

Within one hour, my boss & I agreed that we're gonna give it to one very lucky shopper in June. All they need to do is attach the entry form (which I'm gonna place at Sarawak Plaza Information Counter by 5th May) with a receipt with a min purchase of RM30 and the receipts must come from any of the outlets at Sarawak Plaza or Riverside, that includes Parkson Riverside.

So...! If you feel like KFC, just drop by at Sarawak Plaza or Riverside outlets by next week, spend a minimum RM30, grab a form & drop it in the entry box provided at Sarawak Plaza Information Counter. Or shop anywhere lah.. Lea Centre kah, Body Shop kah or Watson, or Guardian... You could be the lucky shopper :)

Calvin Klein Eternity (100ml) perfume set worth RM300 is up for grabs!

I'm grateful for this long weekend, I'm at the moment taking a little break from my chores. Still have a lot more to do. If I list it down you might get all stressed out, trust me! *sigh* Guess I shouldn't have piled up on the 'what-need-to-clean', now I have to do everything at once! *gaSp!!* But really, I'd rather do the chores right now than go out window shopping, although I might go out tomorrow or the day after... I might. Will get a lot done by tonight, feel like my mind is all cluttered seeing all the unorganized dry laundry and dusty furniture. Hmmm... I must get most done or I'll have to live with this 'cluttery' mind.. Arrgghhh!

One swell thing being a princess is, you don't need to do any housework. Yeahhh... kind cool ain't it?? *dreaming* Ehemm! No thanks, I like my life. Kate sure is one lucky girl, isn't she? Just hope that they'll live happily ever after.


ღ❤❣::Embun Malam::❣❤ღ said...

agreed kak... mcm kebaya in inggeris style... eh btl ka... but neway sweet hooo...

Ida Athanazir said...

Embun Malam, am thinking to do a kebaya like that for Raya.. heehee, yeah, very sweet. But I'm not really into tight fitting ;)

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Wow! May favourite wedding of the year. Watched it a few times!

lemonade said... does look like kebaya

Coffee Girl said...

I always thought that simplest is the prettiest. too much and you take away the little details. The prince is so dashing. :-)

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