Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crop Pants

It's my free weekend so I've a bit of extra time to look for what's I've been wanting to add to my (now boring) wardrobe. Quite rare these days that I actually have a full weekend off.. But next weekend it's gonna be work work work. Those of you who are in Kuching and if you happen to be in Kuching, do drop by at the Riverside Shopping Complex on Saturday, 9th April from 12noon till 4pm and meet our very own nation's top local athletes! Yes!! Meet & greet them in person and get their autographs & up-close shots. Ohhh... Blind me..... Hee hee. Sorry, you must be wondering who are the people I'm talking about. Well folks, brought to you by Astro Arena, and they are;

Diver Pandelela, Bryan Nickson, Swimmer Daniel Bego & World No. 10 International Squash Player Azlan Iskandar :) 

I've been tweeting about this exciting event for the last couple of days and hopefully it reaches everyone. And guess what??! I discovered something really awesome yesterday! Our swkplaza_events twitt feeds is on NST Sarawak Mansang web page! And so is SWKBLOGS's!! Isn't that cool? Yeah, so so exciting and overwhelming :)

So, don't forget ya? Make sure you make a date with us and I'll see you there...!

Wokayyy. Lari topic dah. Seluar, yes.. Crop pants. 

VB in crop pants

Naomi Watts 

My crop pants, bought these at One Jaya for RM87
(yup! pricy...)

Initially I thought these pants aren't that cool and not at all flattering to wear. What changed my mind was how comfortable and chic it looked on all types of body size. After doing some 'research' on some fashion web pages, I found that the crop pants can also be worn to the office as well as for casual outings. Totally opposite of the straight-cut office-wear pants, which are quite tricky to be worn for evenings... Well ya, you can but they don't look as 'free' and trendy as the crop pants. 

I love the length. Considering the cut I thought they would make you look stunted because of the extra baggy hip area, but no. It's rather flattering, very comfortable and relaxed. You have to look for the ones that really suit your body size though.. They also come in stretchables and all sizes. But for these pants, one would have to wear tuck ins tops. Long tops that're worn passed the belly button doesn't really work, unless the tops are body huggings. I love how Naomi wears it, and Victoria actually has on her with a plain gray top over her jacket :)

Would you believe me if I told you one pair isn't enough for me? Of course you would... Aiyaa, we women sure like that one..... I'm planning to have at least one more pair *wink wink*

Leaving the house in a short while, my girls are getting ready as I'm finishing this post. Then, we'll go out to eat, window shopping and have ice-cream together. It's gonna be fun!

Papa is outstation, we're missing him today. Wish that he's with us :/

Till next Saturday (when I'll be seeing you at Riverside...), cheers!! :D


Anne B. said...

oooo i also want a crop pants now :) so much fun ur weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm going shopping at my lunch break later =)

Thank-you kak for the tip!

n i e z a said...

i never thought i would look good in this but after reading ur post, maybe i'd get myself one. ingin juak nak makei baju tuck-in sbnrnya. (rasa perut flat). haha..

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