Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Clinic Visit, Again!

Thank got for my BlackBerry, I wouldn't be bored to death.. I did wonder what that phrase means, and one day I experienced it for the very first time. I was so bored I ended up with a fever!

I just started working at a new place, no computer and no work was assigned to me yet. Guess my body wasn't used to just sitting for hours without doing anything that I fell really ill.

Yup! Here I am again at the clinic... Hmmm.. Thought the pain would go away if I took gallons of water but, it got worse this morning. Think I've been visiting the clinic monthly for the past 3 months in a row now. A little headache is manageable, a period pain is tolerable, but bladder infection?? Ouuuccchhh..!

I can't ignore it, if it gets too bad who's gona drive the kids to school and to fetch them again in the afternoons? It's time for anti biotics! Uh-haa..! I can't wait to swallow my first tablet. I'll be happy to swallow my first tablet!! *can't believe what I just admitted to*. Just want the pain to go away... *hmm, no sign of the doctor yet* continuing on..

While I was driving to the clinic just now, I heard DJs on the radio were discussing on a topic about a mother who has to 'get away' from her family every 6 months. My opinion; You know, when you marry, it's you who decided it. When you have children, it's you who decided to have the little bundles of joy. Therefore, you must.. No, not 'must'... You have no choice but to live with the choices you've made, no such thing as 'a get away from the family'. Selfish.

Honestly, I don't think I could do that. Imagine you're somewhere 'nice' away from the so called busy life (where you left your family all by themselves) and was about to take a bite from a yummy platter served to you on a pretty little table for one, decorated with fresh orchids.. Nice isn't it? If it was me, I would, "Hmmm, Hani would love this prawn. Seri would ask for extra dressing for the colorful salad.." Then I'd lost my appetite altogether.. I wouldn't have the heart to enjoy anything if all I think was what the kids are having for dinner, do they have enough clean underwear? Are they well or not?

*omg, I've got to get back to the office already*

Kuching is busy with the coming State Election. Sayang is away, he too is busy providing what the government wants the people of Sarawak needs. And I'm not feeling well :( Bummer..

Wokay, enough rambling for today.. Makcik sittin' next to me must be wondering what the hell I'm doing staring & typing non-stop on my phone for the past hour.

Later peeps!


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Anonymous said...

It wife sure jenis I want I want puyer. He3......... *_*

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