Sunday, April 10, 2011

Azlan Iskandar & Astro Arena @Riverside

with colleague Syirah
(after today's Kids Egg Design Challenge)

I was privileged enough to have the chance to be photographed with the nation's top (local Sarawakians..!! Yes, we are very proud) athletes this weekend, at Astro Arena's Meet & Greet The Fans Session with Azlan Iskandar, Pandelela, Bryan Nickson & Daniel Bego. The girls just lovvveedddddd the guy athletes!

They're having a road show these few weeks and on Saturday the 9th of April, it was Kuching's turn! It was a very simple set up, stage, backdrop, some standees with Astro's buntings and few tables for autograph sessions. 

Bryan Nickson. Transit in the operation office before heading towards
the stage area

We started with some fun & games for public from 12noon till about 2pm, when the first athlete arrived, Bryan Nickson came first as he had to leave early because he's flying to Sabah a little bit later for an award presentation.. Fuhhh!! Busy mengalahkan YB!! ;)

Yatie (my colleague), Bryan Nickson &
Rashid Salleh, presenter for ESPN Star Sports. Rashid was the emcee to interview the athletes on stage

Kak Vivienne was the emcee from 1pm - 4pm
I did it from 10:30am - 12:30pm

Rashid signing autographs for some amusing fans! :D

Autograph signing session (on stage) before the photo session on the floor area

After fans had their chances, it was our turn :)
(with Astro Arena team)

The girls simply love Azlan :)

You don't get to meet a lot of celebrities in Kuching, pity ha? When they organize their concerts, they would go as far as Sabah but not Kuching, well.. not NOT come to Kuching at all. Seldom laa... But lately there're 'progress'. Some do stop by, but not all. They would tour the whole Malaysia but sometimes exclude Sarawak... Hmmm... kenak owh?

Ning was on the radio few weeks back for a brief interview. She was mentioning they're doing concerts throughout Malaysia and after she mentioned Sabah, she stopped there. Not enough budget maybe, you think?? Sarawak too expensive for them?? Huh, maybe. Even Miss Universe Malaysia did the 2012 casting call for the first time ever this year here in Kuching. We want more happenings in Kuching!! More please! *anyone listening??* 

We had the Kids Egg Design Challenge at Sarawak Plaza today, it's the Easter Month and next Sunday, we're gonna have fun seeing parents & their children run up and down the escalators at Riverside Shopping Complex hunting for eggs! Hee hee... that'd be a lot of fun :)

So, till we meet more celebrities in Kuching, we'll just have to create our own happenings. I've planned a lot of fun entertainments in May. Yup!! Gonna be packed with all sorts of contests and that include a beauty pageant. And Mother's Day... Woohhh! Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

WoW! Best giler dapat jumpa athlete hensem!! =)

Wan Sharif said...

Wah semua orang seronok nampaknya.. :))

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