Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Walk The Talk

Would it make any difference (to my health) if I only manage to do brisk walking once or twice a week? I walk quite a bit on a daily basis. Prove- Just bought another pair of court shoes last weekend :p Hmmm... not the same, I know.

Cannot compromise on health issues, everyone is aware of that, including me. I've delayed it for too long, so, last Saturday, sayang, Arman & I drove down to the Kuching Waterfront for a (late!!) morning walk.

Yup.. it was planned that we should leave the house latest by 6:30am but we only started our walk at 8am! The sun was up already but I was determined, I must do the walk that I've been delaying since... since... No, I'm not gonna check on that post. I'm sure it was months month ago :0 *malu, cover face with both hands*

We were in such a rush to leave the house I didn't bother applying any sunblock on. *gasp!* Yes, that was suicide. Hmm.. but it didn't bother me that much, I was so looking forward to spend some quality time with my two men :D

From Arman's point of view :)

The Kuching Waterfront is beautiful, come down & check it out for yourself!

We were like tourists, hee hee.. 

Taking a breather with my darling son


Hahaa... sides, to the back and front too!

Tired.. he needs a drink now :)

My heroes

And so, we reached the end of the Kuching Waterfront, where to next?? Breakfast at McDonald's, of course. Tired, hungry & thirsty, we continued our walk towards the golden arch. 

Ahhh....! Couldn't wait to have that Big Breakfast, yummy pancakes & hash browns!! 

Ooooooohhhh! Can almost smell it already...

Oh Yes! Can taste McD on my tongue, yes I can!! *slurppppp....* 

But Wait!!

Look at that impossible queue... arrggghhh.. Off we went.. 
Pity Arman, we promised him we will bring him on Sunday (we did)

We walked back to Kuching Waterfront, Arman was already exhausted but he managed to walk another kilometer, with a very sour face.. hee heee.. There's a cafe located right opposite the Godown Amphitheter, we decided to try it out. Ordered two medium size of Laksa Sarawak and an 'American Breakfast' for Arman. Plus, two drinks for me! :))

It was tiring, exhausting, but fun. I hope we can do it every week, when I don't have events to attend to, when the sky is blue, when happy happy mode is on :)

Till then, ta-ta!


Coffee Girl said...

Nasib sik McD tek, imagine after you burn all the calories, you end up keeping more! lol... cute na juak Arman

mamasita said...

best! kmk mun sik dikerepak huby mek iboh arap nak bersenam..nindak kinek tok jalan ckit dah pnt..baru ngekot org senamrobik lg mek lepas lama ditinggalkan..

Bliss Anne said...

visiting your blog :) don't mind if i link yours to mine?

Chii said...

Missing this place..x puas jalan the last time I visited :) It was October last year, my 1st ever visit to Kch..Will be going there this Gawai to celebrate with Kch Boy. Can you suggest me any good place to eat? Still haven't find the best mee kolok in town :)

Ida Athanazir said...

Chii.. eat!?? Top spot lah for some good sea food :)

And i like KubahRia too, local food very da affordable and semua ada!

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