Monday, March 14, 2011

Sutera Kasih

Yellow T-shirt Dress, also available in black

I'm thinking to change my wardrobe..

Wahh..! That statement sounds very extravagant, don't you agree? I mean, trying to budget for a piece of top isn't easy to decided what to say a whole wardrobe?? Thinking to do bit by bit, not at once. Whenever I see something that's affordable, I'll consider. I've been wearing a lot of button down work shirts, and I'm starting to get sick of it. I want something more 'girly', elegant, classic & comfortable. Time for a (little) change. 

Everyone has their own style icon. For me, I relate to the gorgeous Queen Rania's style. What I love most about the style she's always portraying is the clean looking easy-on-the-eye look. Always very elegant, respectful yet pretty, & powerful.

So, where do I go for these kind of outfits? I've searched on online shopping as well, but I have to 'feel' and see the material with my own two eyes & two hands, if possible. But, I am eyeing on few tops on The Pop Look. Still thinking about it... I know.. I work in a shopping complex but I can only dream for free time. Hmm... enough excuses, I must find the time. Wanna look pretty like Queen Rania??! You've got to work at it. No more, NO MORE excuses. I will find time to go window shopping, spend my precious time looking for the outfits that I longed for and leave the (other) important things behind (they can wait right??). For tomorrow is another day, can go through the to-do-list then. As if... 

I was at Kubah Ria and bumped into a dear friend who was carrying a load of clothes in both arms. "What are you doing here??" I could guess what her answer was going to be.

"My shop is up there Kak Ida :)" Effa replied. Sutera Kasih has been around since Kubah Ria opened and I didn't know Effa is one of the owners. They specialize in clothing, fashion accessories, corporate & wedding gifts (hampers).

Price?? Very very reasonable people!! I bought the yellow t-shirt dress for RM30 only, but I got the one in black. Good quality material, I can assure you. And if you're in need to get some simple dinner tops with cute little details, you can find them here too. 

Posh deco :)

Kurungs, Jubahs & Kebayas are available here

Very in now; Gypsy Shawl (Shawl Anting-anting)

More tudungs & kurung materials for you to choose from

Cute earrings

Very affordable hobo bag

Cute colorful tops

RM69.90... I love the detail

...and in white too

Vibrant colors, good quality material

Yes, it's only RM30 :D

There you go, I don't want to say too much. You will have to visit the little boutique yourself. Felt like I didn't want to leave when I was there, the deco & ambiance is very welcoming & trendy. Loads of pink :) I like very much... 

Don't forget to visit Sutera Kasih at Level 1, Kubah Ria, okay? Maybe you will find something that's you've been looking for yourself. 


wa khairul onggon said...

Kubah Ria mesti dah bertukar wajah.. Betapa lamaknya kmk sik ke sia.. Tedah ngan kmk tuk hoh :P

Globalized Dayung said...

Should do some shopping in Kuching...bring back some dresses & blouses to the USA. Winter season, I have to buy here as MAlaysia clothes are more to spring/summer...

Sheila said...

Kak Ida, where is kubah ria? is it at matangjaya? the road to politeknik? they have a mall there???

I didnt go to Kuching for quiet sometime and im going there this weekend. Yeay!

Ida Athanazir said...

Sheila, It is right next to the jambatan gantong Satok going to Petra Jaya, by the Sarawak river. At night you wouldn't miss it, big crowd :)

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