Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Successful Event

All smiles for the cameras though wasn't feeling well

What would I do without Maggi, Petronas & Beras Teana Bernas?? Thanks so much for their support & contributions, our Cooking & Eating Contest held last Sunday at the Kubah Ria was a huge success, as claimed by Sarawak Tribune! Yeayyy!!

I was still on medications, couldn't sleep the night before... Each time after taking all the tiny tablets, I'd feel all nauseous and that gave me a hard time to have a good shut eye. I only managed to sleep after 3am Sunday morning and woke a little bit after 5am. Sayang bought nasi lemak but I could only swallow two spoonfuls. Everything tasted bitter and I felt like puking most of the time. A big event was coming up and things must be ready by noon.

Thank god for all my assistants and colleagues, everything went so well indeed. I didn't take any of my coughing medications because I was already drowsy, from lack of proper food & fluid. I only prayed I could stay on my feet till 6pm without fainting (felt like I was gonna at some point). The last thing I wanna do was spoil the participants' big day! No way..! I had to make it work, for their sakes and especially for the sponsors. 

Setting up

Maggi prepared nasi goreng, maggi me & ayam masak merah for samplings & eating contest

Stealing few shots here & there

I wasn't supposed to speak but... 

Cooking Contest participants; Young and old, ladies & one gentleman :)

Eating Challenge participants; Walk-in public & Media (above)
From left; The Star, Sin Chew Daily, Sarawak Tribune & a lady from Utusan Sarawak

Maggi mee & Nasi goreng Bernas eating challenge :)

While judging was in progress, we ate! Well, I had only very little. My appetite wasn't there but the big shrimp I couldn't resist!

Presentation also counts

Maggi rep assisted with the judging

Winners of the Cooking Contest

Not forgetting our Media guests, receiving goodies from Maggi

Sarawak Tribune - 7.3.2011

Sin Chew - 7.3.2011

Utusan Sarawak - 7.3.2011

Utusan Sarawak - 7.3.2011

Whenever my events got published in the local medias, I consider it as the greatest appreciation. All the hard work put into by my team & I are truly well recognized. And most importantly, the sponsors are happy because their brand awareness campaign were a huge success. I'm so grateful. Alhamdulillah, we'll have more projects to work together on in the future, InsyaAllah. 

I'm on leave today. Really really need a proper rest. There are also some cleaning and clearing to do in the house... It's okay, it's just some very light housework. And definitely less talking for these two days :) Phewww... so glad.


Wan Sharif said...

I thought I have recommended a complete rest a few postings ago ;)

Coffee Girl said...

Congratulations Ida! Good job! You're getting more famous now. Bonus mesti extra besar kan? hehe

Ada dapat free goodies maggie stock sebulan tek?

ztie said...

adoh. lupak pulang ada event d kubah ria. ingin nak nangga org masak ria.. rugi juak sik pegi ow. mun sik nakka dapat makan free.. big event needs big contribution. tahniah! sakit pun masih dapat pull it thru

Neen said...

Kak, kesihatan mesti mau dijaga jugak. Kalau kakak jatuh sakit sapa nak buat semua tu haa? Take care.

Ida Athanazir said...

hahaa.. where got one year supply! kalo macam tu, i bukak kedai runcit :D

tq all.. :)

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