Thursday, March 17, 2011

Press Photo Call

My armpits would sweat in cold sweats and I would have a slight stress-anxiety attack ('slight', is there such a thing??). Waiting is never a pleasant thing to do.

The sponsors who're contributing in our events are very important to me. Making them happy is at the top of my list, without them, our events are less lively. 

When organizing a Press Photocall, the worse thing that could happen is not having any press at all covering your sponsorships handing over. So, each time, I would get all nervous and anxious worried sick before the photocall. Glancing non-stop at the time and making calls are what I will always do if the people I hope to be present are not around at the scheduled time.

And it's not about me at all, I have the sponsors take care of. The photocall means a lot to them. Apart from making the public aware of our activities, it also means that their brand awareness campaign is a success if we get our press release printed in the media.

We don't charge any fee at our events. All the events we organize are designed especially to give children & their family activities to enjoy. Andddd.... to win some very very cool prizes :)

I can't wait for Sunday to arrive. The Treasure Hunt is going to be awesome! This particular event is very special compared to the others I've organized. We have the local press & media participating this time... It's our way to give back to them. We've lined up a lot of very attractive prizes for them; Night Stays at Damai Beach Resort, RM1,000 worth of Parkson Shopping Vouchers, RM1,500 worth of Nestle Hampers, Complimentary Dining at the 5 Star Hotels, 3D Movies passes & lots more!

Hmmm.. I know. I want those prizes too, but, I'm the organizer. And it is going to be a very special event indeed because my darling hubby (second from left in above photo) managed to secure sponsorship for the Treasure Hunt. Hee heee... Our first time collaborating. 

Well, I'll have to stop here for now. InsyaAllah, I will post photos of the event soon.

Till next post, enjoy your weekend people :D 
I know I will .... 

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willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Hahah! Should have called Sarawak Bloggers to help out.

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