Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not Workaholic, Na-aa!

Don't want to be labelled a workaholic.. but my friends think I am

I'm already scribbling Monday's to do list, that does not include a meeting which I'm sure would take up couple of hours of my precious time. I like to do it in a traditional way, not in my BB note page. I've decided to skip today's event... There're no contests today but my event team will be at the Riverside Shopping Complex to assist me with the Wii Sports Registration & Promotion. I need rest, need energy for tomorrow's Cooking Contest, do not want to disappoint Maggi, Petronas & Bernas now do we?

I didn't sleep well last night, couldn't sleep half the time which is totally not me. You shove me the pillow and you can say bye bye in half an hour. But last night (and early this morning) I had a hard time shutting my eyes. So so many things on my mind, mostly work. Was 'jotting' down notes in my head... What???! No wonder you couldn't sleep! Then at 3am (after my short 3hours of sleep) Ayu woke me saying she's having a horrible headache, I basically dodoi her to sleep till 4am, but I ended up turning left & right in my bed till the sun came up. Hee heee... Urrmm.. That's not funny, what's funny was when Ayu suddenly woke me (and I literally jumped hearing she's not feeling well, a real scare to any mom), I was seeing Maggi logos everywhere in my dream... :))

Would love to just laze, but I'm updating the event's FB account now too. And laundry, mummies must update the laundry y'all!!

I heard I might have somethings to coordinate next weekend too, but I will take all the opportunity to rest this coming Tuesday & Wednesday, my leaves are approved :D

Something popped into my head last night while 'jotting' down notes... Met a potential sponsor few weeks ago. I have to say, I've learned a lot from meeting a lot of (some funny, and some like Mangkok/Donkey) people. Few are so full of themselves, a lot of them actually are very down to earth too.

So, we were talking casually at the office's entrance after a short meeting. Three of them altogether and one of course, was the one who makes the decision. Anyways, I was telling him of our upcoming events and was spontaneously mentioning they were published in the local newspapers,

"Did you notice?" I asked him casually, not really expecting a YES from him, not everyone reads the papers, I realize that.

"No... I didn't. Did you see ME?" He was smiling alright but his voice was a bit (only little bit, it's like REallY STreSSIng a point!) defensive and he continued before I could even speak (but I smiled),

"Haa haa... You didn't see me right?" He said sarcastically. As if, he meant don't expect me to see you if you didn't notice me. Hmmm.... Sorry I asked.

I didn't mean to ask in a bragging manner, just meant to assure him our events have publicities that we need. That if we work together, brand awareness is one of our main objectives. Well, sokay. He's just having a bad day, I guess. My point is, he could put it in a sweeter way instead of shooting back with a sharp statement, or rather, question. I will remember to never utter those kind of statements to others. 

Thank you, I'm feeling slightly better but a bit stoned from taking so much medications. Till next post, happy Saturday :D

Some of last few days' to-do list was brought forward to Monday's


Coffee Girl said...

Ohhh Magi logo indah... nightmare? or cudnt get it out of ur head! haha. ur so funny! Terbawak ke mimpi indah! LOL. i think u just do what you need to do, being responsible and accountable and reliable. That's a good trait. Some people just called it workaholic.

Tiq said...

Ughh that guy, So much of a character. Yalah kak, assume jak nya ya having a rough day lah. hehehe

Get well soon Kak !!

Ida Athanazir said...

Coffee Girl,

usually I dont have it that bad, its because i think i was not feeling well and lack of sleep & rest. jenaka !! :))

Tiq, tq dear. Yeah.. biarlah some people. Whatever make them happy. Just jgn kacau saya :D

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