Friday, March 4, 2011

My First Neb

Getting the neb

On my way to work this morning, I decided to visit the doctor in the evening, after work. But things didn't go as planned... Felt like my cough wasn't getting any better. The minute I sat down, I would start to cough. I pity the people around me, had to endure my annoying coughings, again & again. Asked my colleague Zain to prepare me a medical chit, got sayang to fetch me and he drove me straight to the clinic at 8:30am.

I had a feeling the doctor was gonna give me the nebulizer. There's always a first time to everything, but getting the neb?? The doctor & his assistant told me I have a lung infection. In my medical certificate indicates that I've contracted Bronchitis. *gulp!!* Doc asked me a chain of questions..

"Can you sleep well?"

"Coughing sampai terdudok??"

"You've been talking too much?" He asked and asked..

Hmmm... "How did I get it doc?" I wanted to know.

"From coughing too long, masok virus."

He added, "You're sick, but won't admit it. Now, no more talking today, okay?"

Yup! I've got the mc alright, but went back to the office after Friday prayers to prepare for my weekend events

Yes, all mine

What else to say? None. I have not been saying a lot the last few hours. Seeing people talking on top of their lungs (???..lung..) on TV give me the jitters. Imagining myself talking that loud or even saying a simple sentence makes me feel uncomfortable. Can't believe opening your mouth can be so uncomfortable, seeing people talk makes my throat feel all ticklish & funny. Phobia I guess........ We ate outside tonight, but I couldn't think of what to eat. So, when we reached home, darling daughter Seri cooked me some porridge :)

"You can have some pusu with that Ma??" Seri suggested.

I could only shook my head and pointed at my (itchy) throat. 

"Ohh.. Okay. So, just plain porridge then??" Seri asked her poor mom. 

I whispered to her... "Cook it with garlic, I'll have the porridge with olive oil & soy sauce."

Thank you sayang. And good night people! Have a great weekend. Yes.. yes! I'll rest & am taking my medications religiously. Thank you for reminding :D


Wan Sharif said...

Take care and have a lot of rest ..if possible!

Tiq said...

adohhhhh...dah makin ok kitak kak? rest sakit2 tok iboh main2 kak.. :( kitak mesti jaga kesihatan ok kak..

Ida Athanazir said...

taking 2 days off... tq :)


mamasita said...

get well soon..

Ida Athanazir said...

tq Mamasita, so thoughtful :)

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