Monday, March 28, 2011

Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 in Kuching

with gorgeous Sarah Yap, Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 finalist
(in  flats, thank god!)

We were queuing at Big Apple Donuts on Saturday afternoon at the Spring when we saw Miss Universe Malaysia Deborah Henry passed by heading towards the Spring North Court. They were having a Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 casting call over the weekend with gorgeous Kuching girls. Free make up & hair makeover were offered to whomever sign up for the casting.

Well of course, I'm already too old for the pageant (but Sarah suggested I should try out for Mrs. Malaysia... LOL!!) so I just grabbed the golden opportunity to be photographed with these celebrities :P

Photo sessions were not just offered to the potential contestants, we public also had the opportunity to have our photos taken with Miss Universe Malaysia 2011, Deborah Henry. And they printed the photos on the spot, and handed to us all free of charge! Cool hah?? And my goodness! Both Andrea & Deborah are so tall... they were already naturally very tall and still they wore these towering high heels! I looked like a dwarf standing next to these beauties ~_~

While I was waiting for my photo (and printing process was done by gorgeous Ms Andrea Fonseka herself!), I ended getting myself well acquainted with the organizing team. Apparently, prior coming to Kuching they were looking for contacts here, hopefully in the near future they will organize events at my shopping complexes. We exchanged name cards, had a brief chit chats on coming events as well as the past one. Who knows, next year, or even anytime later this year, they might drop by in Kuching again to search for potential Miss Malaysia right here at Sarawak Plaza :)

Speaking of 'towering high heels', I did a little shopping the past week... 

When I put on this top on Saturday, my hubby just stared at me, with 'are-you-seriously-gonna-wear-that?' look. You see, he's not really a tigerish or leopardy print kinda man. I personally think it looks kinda cool, don't you agree??

There's one huge reason why I bought this top, it's because it was super cheap! From RM69 slashed down to RM17!! Quality, check! Comfort, check! Price tag, I actually didn't believe my eyes. Had to double check with the sales girl, then only I decided to grab a second colour. If they had a third or forth colour, I would have sapu them all. *wink*


Mirabelle RM17 top (after 70% discount)


Sembonia court shoes - RM49 (after 50% discount)

I will stop by at the ladies department whenever I'm at Parkson The Spring. And yes, they were having another sale :)

Shoes, not that I can never have enough of them, I DO need them. Not excuses... like I said, my feet bite. Need to rotate my footwear. So, whenever I see a good pair and they're on a 50% sale, I will buy, provided I have the budget to spend. In this case, I have the Parkson gift card :)

I thought about super high heels, but I know I wouldn't wear them to work, so why bother getting them?? They would just rot in my shoe cabinet. *halo, you are not Miss Malaysia dear! knock knock on my head* Yea yea..! I know!

What I have on today

Top - Classic Profile (purchased at Parkson almost 10 years ago)
Bottom - G2000 (RM70 after 50% discount)
Shoes - Sembonia (RM49 after 50% discount)

Miss Universe Malaysia 2011, Deborah Henry, with the dwarfed me :O

Andrea Fonseka, MUMO National Director
She is super tall! 


Wan Sharif said...

Do not worry about them dwarfing you.. orang yang berbadan kecil kelihatan lambat tua.. kalau tak percaya perhatikan di sekeliling anda..
So make the best of your assets.. and bersyukurlah selalu..

Anonymous said...

Wah. Sarah is so beautiful.

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

They are tall. Maybe I should wear hills too. Hahaha!

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Hey, read

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