Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Learning Experience

Hot Nescafe, cheesy scrambled eggs in extra virgin olive oil.... MMmmmoooaaahhhh!! 

I'm not snapping the photo you guys, the text will do. (Hee hee.. too busy eating and typing!) Oh what bliss...! With Lenny Kravitz playing on my cd player, I'm loving this moment. But this isn't productive, it doesn't feed the family. This is strictly for unwinding. Must take some time off to recharge, okay? *yup! I heard that..* Hmm... I'm thinking to take couple more days off before end of the month, still have quite a number of last year's leave to clear. I hope boss approves '.'

Just remembered, I have some mending to do... a pair of pants & some buttons on my few shirts. 
Do you realize that we only have total privacy when we're in the washroom?? :D

Half the time people think I work for an event company. Actually, most giant shopping malls in Kuching has their own event team now, they don't need to engage an event company to manage their monthly events. If they do that, they'd go bankrupt! Usually, engaging an outside event team are for some very special occasions only..., launchings by a Minister for instance, or for a huge concert. And this always happens when there is a big budget properly located, sponsored by a giant company or provided by a government agency. Yes, money. It all boils down to money, no money, no happenings. 

Alhamdulillah, I'm gaining more experience as I go. Having good relationships with the media & sponsors is key. Usually, I'm not too worried about the whole organizing part, what I worry most is the number of participants. Your event is nothing if only two person turn up...... You gila??! Two???!! TidaKKKKKK!!!!! All the expensive gifts, hi-tech PA system and over-the-top stage deco means nothing if you fail to attract enough participants to make your event a success. I always worry about the number of participants who sign up. Ehemmm... correction.., participations IS key. Without the crowd, all your hard work organizing was pointless. All that sponsored budget wasted...  And then, just wait lah to be called to the boss's office early Monday morning for some chitchat 0_O Jawablah... yikes!

Yeah! Scary, I know. Really, I'm not kidding. You may think it's easy but sometimes people just don't turn up. There must be something that you didn't do right, something you did very very wrong. No enough publicity.. Why?? This usually happens when everything was a last-minute-thing. Why always last minute ahh??! How would half a million population in Kuching get to know about your event if you only put up the buntings/posters two days before?? HeLLo!

I try to plan very very well ahead. Trying to put things together seem easy, but it's not. There're a lot of tedious work involved, not just literally, but mentally. Imagine, wouldn't it be frustrating after all that hard work coordinating from budget approval to the last little ribbon on a hamper and your event was labelled a 'FAILED PROJECT'?? major bummer -_-

There's still a lot for me to learn... Need more experience. If you're true, always transparent with fellow colleagues (pertaining problems that might occur), dedicated and focus, InsyaAllah, the details you've been scribbling & jotting down in your little notebook will go smoothly as planned. Urmm.. being nice to your computer and pencils aren't enough. Be nice to your team, please. They are your pillar of strength (Did I use it correctly? Just sounds so powerful). You wanna do things alone haa?? You must be joking. No.. really. Tak pecaya?? Cuba la do everything yourself.. I assure you, you will die standing. And always, always (reminding myself too now) be patient to the people around you... Cannot be done?? Well, take over, and do it yourself. That's only one minor detail, not all. They'll get the hang of it and later, they will understand your level of expectations. Hiccups are always learning experiences, no worries. 

Except for the Mangkok... hmmm... Always giving you problems this one. Sokay, lesson learned :) Don't be a MANGKOK. Okay?? Okay... later people. 


AmirFX said...

Hot nescafe sik mok.. P hot scrambled egg ngan chees kmk mok.. haha..

Coffee Girl said...

cheesy scrambled egg! one of my fav, next to cheesy omelet! yummy... nice bathroom. sapa pun?

Wan Sharif said...

Some buttons on my few shirts to mend..
Oops.. makin lebar ke ni( growing sideways)?
A good entry that a beginner in event organiser can learn from..

Wan Sharif said...

That extra virgin olive oil.. so healthy.

Ida Athanazir said...

Amir, Coffee Girl, sik boleh slalu owh?? very high cholesterol ya.. hee hee.

Bathroom belongs to my mom in law :)

DrSam said...

yes...I can imagine how anxious you would be not knowing how many people will turn out for the event. But so far everything was o.k innit?

Ida Athanazir said...

Alhamdulillah.. semua event went very well, mostly. Still, before any event, I always worry :/

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