Thursday, March 3, 2011

Change Hair? Job?

Colleagues & my boss recommend I try this cough syrup. Yup.. my cough is getting worse, this week especially. Swamped with work load; events after events, no rest. Hubby is not happy with my tight schedule because it's really affecting my health. Not talking is out of the question unless I take some days off. *I'm planning on few days off next week*

Since the Freestyle Football & Wedding last Saturday & Sunday, I haven't had a proper rest yet. And another full weekend is coming... phew....!

Freestyle Football press coverage; Sin Chew - 27.2.2011

Tired, tired. And suddenly I got tired of my long hair. I needed change. I needed a fresh new look. I was flipping my hair left & right in the above interview with the press it made me think twice about keeping my hair long for another 6 month. To tie my hair, my face would look too big. So, the only style I could think of was side sweep. The reporter got off his seat and started focusing his camera to me, "Urrmm..., what are you doing??" I asked.

"Taking your photo." Kho answered.

"No! Don't take my pic! And you're too close! No need right?" I warned him.

"I interview you, I must take your photo maa..." Kho replied. I thought he was just doing his job, so I let him. But I did not think he'd put it up as profile pic!

Tuesday evening I headed straight to the salon and told Jack (Absolute Hair Studio salon owner) to chopped off 5 inches *gasp!!* Uh-ha... I didn't want, but I thought it's time. The ends of my hair is looking absolutely horrendous, which makes me looking dreadful. Was having hard times managing my hair during events, especially outdoors, so, I went.

Jack charged me so minimal I couldn't believe my ears! How would I know, I visit salons for haircuts like once in few years! Since I'm one of the management's staff, I can enjoy a very special rate. And that includes hair wash too! Very very cheap, I can't say here but it left me thinking I should pamper (my head) few times a month, really, just to make full advantage of the special rate. So, you might hear me 'brag' about hair wash from  now on, that is, if I have the time to visit Jack :/

Not Sure

Good Change~ Approved!

Not too short, my sayang loves it.

Press Photo Call at 10:30am on 2.3.2011

The Star - 3.3.2011

Borneo Post - 3.3.2011

For my Cooking Contest this weekend, I had a briefing & a 'Sponsorship Handing Over' press photo call yesterday at the Kubah Ria. How to rest my vocal cord like this? I didn't have a spoon, so I just 'drank' my Jiom Pei Pa Kao cough syrup straight from the bottle before we started. Then, non stop talking from 9am - 11:30am. 

Before I started the briefing at 9am, I had breakfast at one of the food outlets, nasi lemak & Nescafe. So peaceful... Took out my diary and scribble down whatever I have stored in already my cramped brain. Time is not to be wasted... Speaking of waste, when I ordered my drink, this guy in work clothes served me, I was a little bit puzzled... My conclusion was, he's off to work in awhile, that he was there as early as 7:15am (when he took my order) to help out his family members with the morning crowd who come for breakfast. 

I asked him, 'Maok pegi keja ha??' He answered, 'Ahh! Ya, kejap lagi.' Then, when he left for his day job, his family members would be at the outlet till late at night, making loads (I assume) of money by just selling drinks. I always admire these Chinese business owners. No wonder they succeed, can you blame them? And you're wondering why most trading businesses are controlled by the Chinese community. Hmm... maybe I should change job, try to come up with the best Teh Tarek in town! Open up a kopitiam. No..?? No.

Getting ready for my briefing and Press Conference at 7:30am

And he cleared the tables, in his work clothes

It's getting more hectic. A friend commented I'm becoming a celebrity as they've been a lot of press coverage with my face in it. Hmmm.. It is exciting, I admit. But glamorous?? No... You try to do what I do. Really, it's a lot of work behind those newspaper cuttings. And I love what I do, can change the hairstyle, but not my job.

I'm utterly grateful though with The Star, Borneo Post, Sarawak Tribune, Sin Chew and all the other local media & press. Because of them, public are well informed of our activities & events.

Till next post, makan ubat! :)


Coffee Girl said...

Love your new hair Ida! Ada ala macam Burlesque sikit, minus the colouring of course. hehe.

Take good care of ur throat dear, reduce any form of screaming etc. LOL

Anonymous said...

Like the new hair Ida. Take care sis!

lemonade said...

try honey with a squeeze of lime to ease ur sore throat *u look radiant wt that new hairdo*

Ida Athanazir said...

Coffee Girl, hee hee... if wish I could reduce my 'screaming'. Two events this Saturday & Sunday. Tq so much!

Ano.. tq dear.

Lemonade.. I have that in my bag today. My in law prepared a ready-to-telan for me. Thank you!

Teresa said...

Pei pa koa is pretty decent cough medicine (from herbal as I remembered), great non alcoholic medicine, some western cough medicine are more effective, but this is non drowsy.

You can access info online @

Ida Athanazir said...

tq Teresa, so thoughtful of u. I did take and finished a whole bottle. It did help but I'm just simply lack of rest

Tiq said...

kacak rambut baru kitak kak !! :) mun di fb udah di 'like this' hehehe

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