Saturday, March 12, 2011

Black Listing & It's Importance

What's with the 10th?? Sounds familiar, sounds something was due. Hmmm... Feel like I missed something. What was it? Oh dear.. This is making my butt twitch O.O What did I miss??!

I miss my hair... Ya, I do. I saw the Lipstick Jungle promo on TV, and the hair on those women..... Ahhh...! I miss my long hair. But, it just had to be done. It'll grow back. I know I made the right decision. *grow faster fasterrr!!* 
**gulp, OMG! That reminds me of something**  O_O

Gorgeous hair & outfits, when Sereni & Shentel collaborates with Lancome

I forgot to pay my RM30 traffic fine!

Or am just making excuses? Oh oh dear..! Why am I not being serious about this? I'm not. I'm not that scared. I think I'd be more scared if the amount was ten times as much. Of course you wouldn't believe me if I told you I didn't commit the offence. As if I'm such a goody goody girl and I've never committed any traffic offence before. Seriously, I haven't. 

Sayang got online just to check whether my name has a summon on it or not, and didn't think he'd find any. News flash, I have a summon that needs to be settled. The person who decided to buy my car donkey years ago must have committed an offence when the car was still under my name. Luckily it was only RM30, or at least I think. (you think the 'price' has gone up?? By the dayyyy???!) *shrieked!!* Got interest mayyy?

We visited the police station twice, but we don't have mother Teresa's patience. I should have done it on the day I had the couple of days off but I was just not up to it. Just really needed to stay in. I was all drowsy and moody and you want me to queue alongside hundreds of people in a cramp room? Uh-aA, no thanks... Guess I'll have to deal with it real soon. Ah well..! It's way past due date. I'll just have to check later then if they've listed me as a Black Listed Mommy.

We'll see..

It was last week that I first noticed my facial skin is smoother than usual. I have one theory though; That I've been taking less oily & junk food. With my cough & bronchitis and all, I just simply had no appetite to eat. My stomach would growl and crying out for food but, I only ate few spoonfuls at a time. Or was it the cough syrups?? Or maybe the Strepsils? Urrmmm... now, don't quote me on that one, ya? I didn't say the cough medications give you clear smooth skin ;) No no.. 

One thing for sure, I've been using (all) the Olay cream day and night, without fail. And, and, don't forget, the miracle water with it's 'condiments' too. Yes honey, I use everything! I rotate them... The lighter creams I would apply during the day and as for the heavier ones, I rotate nightly. For my age, I am happy with the result. At least I don't have to worry too much about the condition of my skin now that it's being very well taken care of. Because, I do not have that kind of luxury.. You know?? Looking at the mirror two hours daily counting wrinkles & scanning for pigmentations when I actually have more important things to do than worrying how old I look! Dhhaaa... *checking my list on Important Things To Do, take out/cancel 'Probably Will Be Black Listed If Delay Delay Visiting Police Station'* ~_~ 

You know my story, it's been quite a week. Busy busy busy, like, most weeks for that matter. It's tougher when sayang has to go travelling, sigh. So, I treated my kids tonight. It wasn't a whole huge plate for each of us but it's our favorite. Few rolls with wasabi & soy sauce, we're good. My appetite starts to be at its normal stats these two days, I'm craving for everything! Mee goreng, laksa penang, laksa sarawak, fried fish... wasabi! Wohhh!! 

I'll say, it is also important (permanently in the Important Things To Do list) to feed ones craving for fear one would trip & topple over. So, give her the Salted Radish now! :p

Still have little coughs, but I'm better now. Syukor Alhamdulillah... I admit, I need more rest. Am looking forward to that annual leave that I'm intending to apply before end of the month. Crossing my fingers, hope boss will approve.  

*saliva drolling now thinking of that fried fish.. mmmmmmmmm....... duhh..*


lemonade said...

u hv nice skin Ida *jeles*

Anonymous said...

Sik apa kak, kelak panjang balit rambut kitak ya:))

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