Saturday, March 19, 2011

2 Cuppa With Sashimi

Overwhelmed, tensed, stressed out, agitated, going blur... I close my eyes and try to imagine comfort. What comes to my mind??

The fresh salmon sashimi... Yes! I will have all that for myself please, no sharing, thank you! 

Not the ooh-so-soothing hair wash nor the crispy 250 pages of new InStyle magazine, I want the REAL comfort food, rawww..... Rawwww, the super ugly raw salmon sashimi. *sluurrrpppp.. saliva all over the mouse pad* OMG! Where can I go for a full plate at 12 midnight?? duhhhh.. :[

I'm killing myself, I so want some right now! hmmm... Sabar Ida, InsyaAllah, wait for day light. 

I actually went home to have a lunch 'break' today. I had to, needed the time-off away from my chaotic work station. It's a mess! What kind of an organizer am I?? My drawer looks like a tsunami has hit my whole desk, and my tray... My oh my...! I don't expect my assistants to do  the filings as I have my own way of doing it. I know, I'm not making my life easier but, I've experienced 'losing' documents when I had other people put away piles of important stuff from my out tray. So, I'll do it myself, appreciate the offer, tq.

It's been crazy busy as hell. This is one event that has me going towards the edge. It's not tough designing the Treasure Hunt mechanism, no. It's the little details that's making my butt cheeks twitching!! If I miss even the smallest micro little detail, it's going to be a real disaster.  There's no way rectifying missing details on the spot, na-a, cannot happen! No hick-ups allowed. The more I think about missing out details, the more details I think I've left behind. Ohhhh..

Usually my lunches these days are the F1 style. Really, I could eat, type and answer the phones at the same time. Very unhealthy... People, don't try this at home. You could choke to death! So glad I went back home to eat. My mother in-law prepared a full table of scrumptious dishes that just had to be accompanied with 2 servings of full plates of rice. *what diet???!* Focusing on my lunch helped me distress a bit, it was nice. Fried fish, cencaluk, sambal belimbing, gulai keladi, deep fried chicken wings... Wooooooohhh! Then, back to work. Still, I couldn't finish in time.

It was slightly after 5:30pm and my RM2,000 worth of prizes aren't in envelopes yet. My press kit was done only half way... I called sayang and asked him to pick me up and told him I couldn't do it anymore... *sigh*

Urrmmm.... No no! I'm not quitting..! What I meant was I couldn't think straight, I'm going back to the office tomorrow morning when my head is clearer, and saner. I won't deny it if I know my head is not thinking rationally. I will leave my desk & take a breather. The worse thing I could do is screw up the prizes and messed up vital infos in the press release. 

Speaking of press release, we had another press photo call today at 11am, in the midst of my chaosness. Yup! That's two days in a row... Congrats to our Valentine Message winners! Hopefully they'll see their faces in the papers tomorrow. Seeing those happy faces today receiving hampers & complimentary vouchers was very rewarding indeed. I was tired though, but managed to smile for the cameras :)

Alhamdulillah, yesterday's press release was printed in major newspapers today. Including one in a Chinese language newspaper & one in Bahasa Malaysia... Sponsors very happy, no doubt.

Sarawak Tribune 18.3.2011

My husband was driving around town trying to get things together for our fun event this Sunday. Pity him... He asked me to make coffee at 11pm just now, woke him up twice, yes, he WAS up. But, he went back to his deep sleep almost right away. He must be very tired..

So, who ended up drinking two cups of coffee...??

*wondering why I'm still wide awake at half past 1 in the middle of the night?*

Utusan Borneo, Borneo Post, among others; 19.3.2011 Press Release


kallyempire said...

take care, you believe you prompt action in everything!!

but must i rehat jua, okay~

Anonymous said...

Salmon with wasabe is very addictive, =)

Wan Sharif said...

As an unqualified Medical Practitioner.. Ayoh Wang prescribe a complete rest for you tonight.. yes tonight!..

Ida Athanazir said...

TQ for the advice :D

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