Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why Babies Cry?

Why do babies cry?

I know.. I know...!!

Babies cry because they're hungry, they have stomach ache, they pooped! ...They want you to change the Astro channel, they want you to drive them to the mall, they want a hug... Pheww... I tell you, caring for a baby is one serious business. No??! There is no such thing as stuffing a baby inside a drawer for the day because you need a break.. No mister! No break, for the next 1,095 days!!

You sleep with one eye open... I know I did. I learned that I sleep with one of my senses (I had 7!) wide awake when I was pregnant with Hani, and little four year old Seri has always been so attached to me. Well, all my kids sleeps under my ketiak when they're babies/toddlers!

I was at my 6th or 7th month pregnancy with Hani, sleeping flat on my back and was in a middle of a dream. Suddenly..! Felt like I was summoned to wake up to 'protect' my bulging tummy from a flying foot!! ...Seri was sleeping next to me, on her side. I could feel her back firmly touching my right arm. 

Don't know how, maybe the neurons in my arm sent a signal to my brain saying that this girl was about to turn to her left with her leg swinging in the air. Half way swinging, before hitting baby Hani in my uterus, I literally caught her ankle inches before it landed on my stomach, in the middle of my sleep, now awake! And my eyes weren't even open till I caught her ankle! Amazing haa?? I still remember that incident to this day. Imagine having your four year old 's heel fall flat on your pregnant stomach.. OuChhhhh!!

And, oh ya! Before I blab more about what YOU need before your baby arrives, I have another story to share. This story tells you that we must not take for granted that babies do need their own save sleeping place, a crib. 

Seri was two months old. Okay, how on earth could a two months old baby ended at your feet after you breast feed her and both of you fell asleep side by side, next to one another, safe.. you thought?? My mattress was about more than 1 foot above the floor. Of course if a two month old baby fell from your bed, your only wish was to turn back time... No, you can't take it back. Worse if they fell head first.. Gosh!! 

When I suddenly woke (yeah.. with that natural mother's sense of danger), I couldn't find baby Seri next to me, where was she???! In a split second I turned and realized she was at the foot of the bed, sliding halfway on her stomach to the floor and all I could see was her bum and her two feet dangling 45 degrees off the mattress. I didn't even had time to get up and grab her...! With my two feet (the limbs that were nearest to her), I 'chopstick' baby Seri and pulled her back to safety. Lucky girl!! 

How did she get there?? Well, don't be surprise, just be safe.

No worries, this chaos will only last few years...
you will miss it when they're at the Universities. Trust me, you will.

'seri, hani & ayu'


They ran to 'safety' avoiding mama to snap pics of her growing children
*we're not in the mood for snap shots!*

So, a baby doesn't only need new clothes, they also need a mother who has a 7th sense and a good baby crib. Other than that, when it's time to bring your new baby back to your home, there're few essentials that you pray you wish you had at 1am in the middle of the night.

This is through my experience... It was my forth time bringing a new baby home, and I wasn't prepared 100%. Arman sure was always hungry! The day we brought him back home, he was a day old. He has been sucking on my nipples (ehemm... excuse me..) the whole afternoon and still seemed very hungry after few hours of nibbling & sucking. Then by 6pm when we reached home (we stopped by at his grandparents' first at noon from the hospital), I couldn't get him to sleep because each time I pulled myself away, he would cry as if he was never fed. Then I realized my milk wasn't 'enough' to make him doze off. "Waaa...!!! I'm Hungry!!!!" ...was all I'm hearing. I know, that was my 7th sense.

Had to send papa to the supermarket (thank god it was still early) to get a baby formula. Only after about 2-3 ounces of milk baby Arman was on his way to dreamland. I was already so sore from breastfeeding him few hours non-stop, god..! Little that I knew there was only very little milk for my hungry new son! You have to be very patient darling... Keep breast feeding, don't rely on the formula. If you stop, your milk flow will also stop. *gasp!*

So, just in case, have at least one baby bottle (I'm recommending the brand Avent) and a baby formula by your bedside. You're overwhelmed with this whole new experience and having a very hungry baby isn't helping at all. 

The Avent manual breast-pump is pricey, but you'll thank me for MAKING YOU CHOOSE THIS BRAND!! Thought I'd save 50% of my money, I only used the other brand for couple of times & gave up! This one is a life saver, for us mothers..., for us mothers who're always sleep deprived, for us mothers who need all the support (in term of pumping breast milk!) that we can get and for us mothers who had to be a Superhuman to give birth to a 4 kg baby! ;)

Effortless... Pumping breast milk has never been this easy ;) and fun!

Baby clothes, I know they look cute. You want them all... "Sayang, it's gonna be our first baby, I want a whole closet!"

The one-month size baby clothes will only fit him/her for two weeks, then you'll be needing  the size 3 month/6 month for your fast growing baby. There goes your for-new-born baby clothes... 

And a crying baby also means his/her tummy is a little bit upset. Pick him/her up, have the baby's torso placed close to your warm chest and pat his/her upper back till he/she burps. Still crying after burping?? In the same position, secure the baby safely on your left chest, left hand holding the baby with your right hand massaging his/her calf. Use a baby's hot oil. You'll be amazed that the baby will stop crying because this technique is a form of a reflexology that by massaging the calf, you can say bye bye to upset tummy. Works well on adults too :))

2 month old son Arman, March 2004

Ahhh.. I love baby's natural smell. Miss it.. Urmm...

Well then, I hope this helps. I have four children, I breastfed ALL of them. I breastfed non-stop for 16 years. I did it, so can you, and I was a working mom, armed with the Avent manual breast pump to office, daily :) It's not just for the well being or your precious bundle of joy, it's also good for you. That's how I lost (most of) my baby fat.


Tiq said...

phew..berdebar-debar kamek maca tok Kak..hehehe..thanks for sharing this..

Ida Athanazir said...

ya kah? Well, bagus biar orang berjaga jaga :)

Haizul Azmi said...

Thank you kak ida :). Really appreciate the wonderful advice.

Anonymous said...

Baby Seri nakal ye masa kecik? =)

Wan Sharif said...

There were stories about children being suffocated to death while being breastfed by sleeping mothers..
These mothers do not have your seventh sense.. I supposed :)

Tiq said...

Kak Ida, yalah bagus bah tok, useful info for others. You are indeed a supermom!

Globalized Dayung said...

Bila gi time aku oh??? Mimpi lok

Ida Athanazir said...

tq tq..

If you're single, enjoy it while you can. When you're married, must be very very ready for babies & a hubby who needs your attention ALL the time.

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