Thursday, February 24, 2011

Talking Elegance

Woh! I feel like a million bucks...!

Please, don't envy me. This does not happen often. Your time will come, this is MY time... Gimme a break, will ya? When the opportunity arrives, grab people! Grab with those two empty no-watch-on-wrists hands and... go pick a sandwich. 

What a day! Of course, after the Omegas, the sandwiches, I only wished I had free time to shop. Ooohhh..! It'd be fun to just shop and stop by at a diner and order the rich people's salad (got mayyy?) and sip espresso after a hard days of shopping. Just sit back (in shades, mind you...) and just, chill. 

Oh my.. This is sure one lucky day, very very lucky day indeed...

...for the new bride & groom. YOU ThInK?? Hahaahaaa!!! I wish. 

At Lunch today, a darling friend called and asked me to help her pick a pair of watches for her boss to be given as gifts for a newly married couple. RM*ribu ribu*. Too late dear. That's the answer you're about to ask. Yup baby! That's how much the pair of Omegas cost. Then, with no shame at all, I seized the red paper bag from my dear friend and took out my trusted BB.

Must snap. I see mirror. And this photo is to remind us ladies to always maintain our elegance  because you will only get one of these branded watches if you're a good girl. Well, I haven't gotten the watch of my dream, but at least I'm photographed with a pair today. 

"Izan, quick! Take few shots... What?? What people? Allo!! We just spent more than RMxxxxxK in here! I don't care what they have to say about 'these two crazy ladies' snapping photos left & right! Now... shooot!!" Izan had no choice... poor girl. Obviously my elegance went out the window the minute I thought about stealing some shots in the watch shop. 

Would you be needing 'elegance' if  you're asked to juggle soccer ball? 

After drinking a can of Red Bull, I turned into a football maniac! *I hope they print the sane looking me... yikes!*

We had a press photo call at 11am today to promote our Freestyle Football Competition this coming Saturday that's going to happen at the Godown Amphitheater, Kuching Waterfront from 10am-5pm. Yes ma'am..! It's work this weekend, and a wedding on Sunday. Full weekend people! 

Of course, holding the ball in place doesn't make the photos look catchy at all, now does it? So, someone suggested we 'juggle' the balls... Luckily, I didn't hit my nose! phewww... Then they would have printed that one. Urrmm, no, they wouldn't. Would they..??

The Star - 25.2.2011

The Borneo Post - 25.2.2011
Different, but I like :)

That was really one energy drink. Look at me! I could run a marathon in heels even.. haahaaaa... Red Bull, 100 Plus & Lea Sports Centre are sponsoring the prizes for the Saturday's event. You guys should come. Don't be late, ya? Register at 9am kakak, makcik, abang-abang....

Had a quick lunch with Izan. I mean, very very quick. I gulped down this giant sandwich in 5 minutes! Yes I did. No, really..! I DID. We just wanted to EAT together, we only had like 10 minutes. So I bite, munch, swallowed, bite, munch swallowed till only a little of bread left, in 5 minutes! Elegance?? UHh! I swallowed that too..

Everybread's latest - jumbo sandwiches!

My throat started to feel all tingling & irritated again since yesterday evening. Arrived home and had to take 2 tablespoonfuls of cough syrup last night. Thought I'd give my 'voice' a rest today but I was meeting the press, sponsors and another potential sponsor at 3pm. That 3pm appointment had me talked non stop for almost one hour.. how to heal like that? If I had a choice to go & meet them, I would reschedule. But they called earlier today and wanted to meet me and I didn't want to be all snobbish and say, "Sorry, I'm busy." No.. NO. Must be polite now. "Okay, come lah.. We talk." And talk I did. 

A colleague told me I really should give my vocal cord a rest, like Shut UP already! At some point, there'll be three phones ringing at one time! My two mobiles & the office's landline. If I don't talk to people in front of me, I'd be talking on the phone. Talk talk talk talk talk.. there you go. 

Well, I better find some 'quiet' time for myself. And I better do that soon. 


Tiq said...

Kak Ida, kitak nang keja kuat, and I'm amazed with the amount of energy that you have!!! Cayalah kak. Tabik spring...*toingggg* munyi spring tek...hehehhe

Anonymous said...

Wow Bes lah kak. Nak main, tapi, kite kat kl. Huhuhuuu.

Ida Athanazir said...

Tiq.. heehee, tq! I like that Tabik. Dah nama keja, just do lah. Makseh dear :)

Ano.. datang lah ke Kuching. Kita slalu buat contest.

mamasita said...

any vacancy..yer dehh..lain ditanyak nya

Ida Athanazir said...

oh lah tedah.. sik ada. Blom ada kinek tok koh. Slalu the one assist me are my admins colleagues, sidak nya terjun :D

Teresa said...

Pei pa koa is pretty decent cough medicine (from herbal as I remembered), great non alcoholic medicine, some western cough medicine are more effective, but this is non drowsy.

You can access info online @

Ida Athanazir said...

Hi Teresa,

Tq for the tip! Actually I have been taking that cough medicine, it helps a lot. Yup, it suits my working hours as it's keeps me awake! :)

KenMAHD said...

Hi Kak Ida :)

Uuu..u're on a hectic day or should I say like everyday..hehe :) U shud take some rest :)

Ida Athanazir said...

Ken.. Im planning to take leave sometime next week, but I doubt I can slot a couple of days. Weekly events, how to take time off? :[

Wan Sharif said...

Used to take hundred plus after several hard games of badminton.. A younger Chinese friend ..a member of the badminton gang said.. taking hundred plus after games make his stomach "pouch" or gendut.. Do not know whether there is some truth..
Mmmm would not mind watching you running a mini marathon in heel, red bull or no red bull..ha ha..

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