Sunday, February 6, 2011

Magical Updates

Visiting Sandra Polly :)

This doesn't happen often.. I feel like a school teacher on a term break! Too many off days from work can be a very bad thing, you're getting too used to the >No Work<. I had this on my mind... 

"If I was a millionaire, I will stay home and read, blog, sew, veg out, drink more coffee!!" 

Hahhaaaa..!! Who's gonna stop me?! You sista?? Hmm.. speaking of which, my skin isn't looking too good these few days. Or is it because I've been paying TOO much attention to it? Maybe... You guys, my definition of my-paying-TOO-much-attention does not mean I've been doin' all the scrubbing or declogging or masking my one and only face. What I meant was I've been looking at the mirror too long, thus, resulting in my conclusion that my pores are looking bigger, by the day! =O

Magic!! I need magic potions.. duhhhhh............

Ahh Well.. maybe it's my age, I guess. *news flash Ida.. IT IS !!*

Na-aaa! Drinking all that toxic doesn't help girl..

Nor does standing IN the sun
*faking a laugh? hmm.. trying to fake radiance aren't we??*

Don't asked what I ordered! *sokay.. it was only the 2nd cup*


Above all, stay hydrated.. Big pore, little pore... We can only do so much.
Keep your lips moist (with Nivea Lip Care) as the rest of your body, okay?

And did I tell you the new Polo pants felt incredible outdoor especially in the sun??
Light, Airy, Polite-Looking & yet they're so Chic!
*Think I'm gonna go over to Spring & get the ones in black too*

Pants, skin, coffee *wooppssss! kantoi!!*... Girls, don't get left behind. We modern women must too stay updated with the current happenings in the world; get on Twitter & follow the news!

Cheers all and don't get all blue for Magical Monday! xoxox


Lemonade said...

more pics of u...trying to get the nerve of that Blogcop?? I ok je...the more pics the better hehe:D

Ida Athanazir said...

Lemonade.. didn't mean to do that. Hahaa.. Thanx love!

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