Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Leave From Work

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Planet Sambal @Jalan Padungan Kuching

There must always be a very good reason why I take leave from work This time it's because the boss is also on leave for the festive holidays and the next event is eleven days away, most of the details are taken care of already. So, can chill for awhile. I find it not easy for me to just simply.. "Eh.. nak cuti lah next week." Nope, not possible. I've to really plan and really see what's ahead because I do not want to return to work with chaos & a jungle of mess waiting for me at my work station.

I need time off from work, need recharging, everyone does. So, I told my hubby to apply for his leave too, which I insisted, must be approved. He said...

"......................." nothing,  means, yes Ma'am. "And don't even think about going to work on your cuti ya??" I demanded. 

The kids are home the whole week of Chinese New Year holidays, and if I'm home, he should also be home. Time to spend some quality time together, no? Time to take down the curtain and have it washed once and for all!

But first things first...

Friends and a blog reader *hey you! ;)* ordered my cheesecake last week for the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities. Honestly, I didn't have a lot of time to spare for bakings but I took the orders anyways.... for the money, mostly. Just like last Hari Raya, I didn't sms or post -would you like to order cheesecakes for this Raya?- on my friends' FB walls because I didn't think I could bake 50 cakes in seven days like I used to years back. So, I stayed quiet and only said yes to the ones who asked, "Are you baking this year?" 

Me & sayang left the house at noon today and we drove around town delivering cakes. We stopped by to pay bills then decided to have a late lunch at Planet Sambal. Kids were home, they're fed and were watching tv. So, it's just the two of us. While enjoying the serenity of the room, I asked sayang to turn on his net book, before he stepped outside to have a smoke. Went through my own blog and picked a few posts to read, and each time I do that, there're always spellings or grammars that needs to be corrected. *sigh..* My darling proof reader has been too busy lately... 

"Where to now?" Sayang asked me. It was already late in the afternoon when we left Planet Sambal, and I had been wanting to visit the Spring shopping mall to check out the Parkson's Chinese New Year sale. 

"Let's go to the Spring, I want to 'check on something'." Like I couldn't tell my hubby the whole truth WHY I want him to drive us to the Spring, I couldn't! No man would jump for joy when he hears his woman says, "I want to buy shoes."

Dark brown Sembonia pumps.. Ayu said this is so my style.
"Mama must always have one of these, mesti ada."

I didn't know my feet bite. Yes, they bite. My shoes are worn out and they look like they've walked hundreds of miles... maybe I have. Or am I giving excuses to buy new shoes?? But they do look like they've been bitten. Anyways, I need comfy heels for a wedding this month. And another pair for work.

Sembonia was having a sale. Yes!! 30% off!! YES YES!! 

"This one okay sayang...?? This colour or that one???.. What bout these? Hmmm.. I like these. You think??" I was so kejeron (monkey excited).

"I'm getting two pairs." I braved myself to tell my husband.

"hmm..." was all there was from my darling.

If I didn't bake the cakes, I wouldn't be too crazy to spend RM145 on these Sembonias. I need them. My feet bite. Capish!


Coffee Girl said...

There it is! The choc chips cheese cake! *ish gatal tangan agik mok kutip chips ya* ahahaha! Wah, ur getting very enterprising! Well done! Work hard and play hard, I say!

Alia said...

Choc chips? Gatal juak tangan tok Kak Ida!!!!! Wah, pasti loaded kakak sampei dapat shopping. Happy new year. ^_^

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