Monday, February 21, 2011

Food Full Weekend

That was one weekend...! If I were a YB, I think I'll faint from eating, eating and eating. You see, all gatherings come with one most interesting part and the one that everyone (well, most of them..) looks forward to. You guessed right people....... The Food. 

Friday Night Company Dinner

The hotel's banquet hall air was filled with the smell of sambal belacan & petai!

With miss Dayang S

Puan Sri Ragad

At the company dinner, I was assigned to usher the complex's tenants & media to their tables.  There was a theme, most came in the local traditional costumes. One particular attendee wore a full Indian costume and everyone who caught a glimpse of her wanted to have their photos taken with her. I too, didn't want to miss out! You looked gorgeous Dayang!

After speeches and slides shows, dinner was served after 9:15pm. I think some of you can  picture the 'Spoons & Forks Dances' when food was served way passed 9pm. "Uhhh??? What show.. There was a show on stage..??" I murmured between my fork & spoon to my colleague. 

Me & my colleagues were too busy having our yummy 'specially ordered non-hotel food' (oh ya! It was no hotel food, this was SoDappp!! With ulam y'all!) and didn't notice what was going on on stage. But we're all eyes when Puan Sri Ragad arrrived with the CM. Everyone couldn't wait to see the beautiful Sarawak First Lady. Yes, she was indeed more beautiful in person, looked slimmer & sweeter from near. I really had a good look, was too engrossed with her gorgeous face I missed out snapping a shot at 2 feet away! But, I managed to snap from her side, that was my best shot guys... *sigh*

Saturday Lunch; Wedding Meeting

With Izan, the groom's first cousin

Imagine my excitement when met with
Ikan Terubuk Masin with chili padi & lime.. *slurrpppp...*

November 2007, then bride, Lizah (third from left),
now bride to be & sister-in-law to-be to Lizah, Faridah (far left)

Yup! We were the Boria Girls.. urmmmm... I meant, Usher Girls

It's always an honor when you're invited to assist with big weddings. The family picked you (together with two dozen others) because they're confident that you are the capable person that they hope to ensure the reception would go as smoothly as possible. 

One of Izan's cousins is getting married and this time it's going to be held at the grand Borneo Convention Center. Some VVIPs are invited and my part is to usher them to their tables, that's all I know for now. They might have extra task for any of us, I'm sure. So, apart from this meeting, there's going to be a rehearsal next Saturday, we'll be briefed further of each of our task. *hmm.. no eating till receptions ends*

The first son was married in 2007 and this time it's the third and youngest son's wedding. Auntie Yam had asked Izan to ask me to join the other Al-Wakils to assist with next week's reception. I said yes instantly! And look at the gorgeous kurung material! Auntie Yam's choice was perfect for the Gold Theme. I managed to squeeze time to visit my dressmaker last week and my new kurung will be ready before the reception. Just need to remind myself to collect it though..

Saturday Dinner; PHHP Award Night

Tom Yam seafood soup, Uuuhhh!! I like :)

Sister in-law Rina was invited to receive a little award on stage

sis Siti & daughter Ayu

Mom got us all registered with PHHP. Rina gained the most points, so, her name was called to receive an award.. We all giggled and just had to take a photo of her standing next to a 'queen', yes, in a tiara complete with a sash. Mom & dad are regular, active consumers of PHHP products. Mom was given a whole table (10 tickets) by her upper line member and had us all went to join her for the Chinese dinner. 

We didn't have to wait too long, food started to arrive by 8pm. Most attendees were chinese so the emcee only spoke & announced everything in Mandarin, except for the lucky draw numbers. Lucky sister Siti went home with a Tie... LOL!! Sorry Siti, couldn't help it :D

Sunday Tea; Sri Kandi Annual General Meeting

I control my food intake. Avoided rice most (well, not really... ikan masin, sambal ulam.. how to avoid liawwww...) of the time. My Sunday morning nasi lemak I fed to Arman, I only had few spoonfuls. 

The Sri Kandi 2011 meeting was held at my in-law's today and after the Pembentangan Aktiviti & Laporan Kewangan together with the Hal-hal Lain (you know the drill), we all proceeded to the very humble low key high-tea :) I had a giant curry puff! Forgot lah to take photo.. Haishhhh!! More than 70 members (old & new, young and old..) turned up and I was the emcee terjun. "Ida, please be our emcee.." Mom had requested, like 5 minutes before the meeting started..! *gasp!* 

"Sure Ma'am.." I was so unprepared but I turned myself into I'M ALL PREPARED mode, no problem. Alhamdulillah, no one threw any giant curry puffs at me.. phewww....

Well, that was my weekend.. Blessed with good food and great company. I do wish I can have a more quite weekend with my family but, you can't simply turn down the people who you care about. You readers would do the same if you're in my place :)

Wouldn't have done it if I didn't love them.     Urrrmm..., but... Hmmmmm... Actually, I did it for the food ;) 


f.i.e.z.a said...

nang full schedule kakak mek sorang tok hehe
may u have a great week ahead!

Globalized Dayung said...

Wah...makan aja kerja kitak Akak...hehehehe!!! Aku kedirik aja sitok sik best eh makan kedirik. Nang sempoi simple aja...huhuhu

Ida Athanazir said...

Fieza, ya ampunn.. Kmk pun sik terkaber aer koh, next weekend gik :0

G Dayung.. sik lamak gik ya, 'Doc'! ;)

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