Friday, February 4, 2011

Eat, Shop, Love

From where I was sitting, decorative windows were part of the creative deco

10 years on...

Where have I been?? 'I've been to London to visit the Queen..' Hahaa!! I wish ;)

Intended to try out the Atmosfera near Jalan Simpang Tiga but they're closed for the day to cater for a family gathering. So, we drove around for a couple of minutes and saw this eye-catching little Indonesian restaurant at a corner of a shophouse. Me being me, a little bit hesitant to try out new dining places but thought.. what the heck! Perut sudah lapar, so... let's!

My Daging Belado with mixed veges

Customers have the choice to either dine indoor or outdoor

Very the Indonesian, no?

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan was here!

It was just me, my hubby and Ayu today. My three other children went for Chinese New Year visiting with their grandparents..... We opted to dine outdoor, under a very cool shade, perfect with the cool breeze blowing our way. 

What to order??

So I asked the nice lady who was taking our orders what would she recommend... Thank goodness she's Indonesian! 20% of my doubt went with the breeze. Each of us ordered different set of dishes for our rice sets. I wanted something VERY Indonesian I told our waitress/owner (I've no idea..). And I wanted meat! Then, while waiting for our food to arrive, I asked for permissions if I could snap a few shots inside her restaurant.

*smiling thinking of Borneo Love's little accident with her food* :D

If I was on a date, I think I'll die of embarrassment!! Oh My Blog...! You guys.. the food was awesome! Felt like you're eating at home, our plates came fast & the chicken, meat were cooked to perfection. Very pleased.. 80% of my doubt wooshed away!! And I was so happy with the food I guess I left 60% of my table manners at home. While 'slurping' on a piece of cabbage, all of a sudden, somehow, from somewhere (from my kejeron slurping of course!), I felt my eye stung! Oh my foot!! Imagine having a chili padi rubbed straight onto your eye!! Couldn't scream for water, no I couldn't. Embarrassing my fellow dining partners was the last thing I would do. I could only closed shut my eyes, in agonizing pain.

I kept the pain to myself and of course sayang & Ayu could only watched (in horror?? NO, they were laughing inside, I'm sure) and ate away their own food! So I stayed quiet, kept my eyes shut for awhile and tried opening them every few seconds, which was stinging. The spatter only hit my left eye, thank goodness. I thought I was going blind!! Well, I'd rather go blind than die of embarrassment! My tears helped washed away the stinging, and you guys....., the pain was unbelievable! Did you see those chillies in my plate?? That's what you get from being too excited eating without looking up to check if anyone else was choking on their food!

Now, what if that happens on your first date?? Wohhh..! It'd be a Major Embarrassment!! Imagine that... :p

That's right, the Gamelan Indonesian Authentic Restaurant has been around for 10 years and this was my first time here.. memalukan! I really need to go out more. (??????) Go out I do, to Spring! :p

"Where to now?" Sayang asked finishing his coffee... Well, Spring was literally a minute away so, there we went. 

Ayu with her Daging Rendang (Indonesian style) and hot Tumis Kangkong

It's a cool place to enjoy meals with family or friends, quiet and stinging!! LOL!

Sayang is getting the pants he just tried on

100% happy that sayang just got himself new work pants.. phewww..

Guess what I got for myself?

Ahhh... Before we go any further, I bumped into a birthday girl after doing some 'opportunity grabbing' :p Tini is sayang's cousin and her husband Nizam, is my cousin. So we are, in-laws kuasa2 (???). Hahaha.. hantam lahhh..! Happy birthday Tini darling!! Tini is one chic lady, I have to say. She doesn't look her age at all, and she has such small waist line! Stay vogue dear :)

Aren't we looking alike?

Polo Pants- Original price; RM162. What I paid; RM48.60!

Forgive me, did not intend to do any shopping but.. I had too much free time and with that time I used it to 'look' for anything that I can afford to buy. Sayang needs new work pants, if he said he wants to buy today, don't ask him too many questions. Just take him to the mall and straight away pick one.

You all know what happened with his Baju Melayu right?? He's been wearing the same ones for almost ten years and only got new Baju Melayus last year. Men's pants look the same to me but sayang had his own preferences.. The material can't be too light, the texture has to be so and so... Okay, however he wants it, as long as he's buying. Couple of times he decided.. "Iboh jak, next time we come again.." I pressured him, he has to get a pair, at least. Otherwise, it would be another few months till he decides that he DOES need new work clothes. 

On our way out the Parkson Grand, of course, as usual, I would swerve at few corners not wanting to miss any opportunities if in case there were any. Luckily I did turn to one particular corner. Polo was having a sale, WoW! Not to be missed... No way! Urrmmm... yes way, only hubby can stop me. You should have seen the look on his face, priceless.

"Sayang, I'm trying these on.." Picking up two pairs of Polo work pants and hung them in mid air right in front of my face so I didn't have to look at his face. Pulled them back down, placed the pants firmly on my arm and that's when I saw his 'you're-buying-again???!' face. Nope, I didn't give any answer.. I walked straight to the fitting room.

I was so tempted to buy three pairs but I came to my senses that 'you can't always have them all'. *sigh* Sizes were available from xS to L, so readers (in Kuching only), you better get up and move your butt to Spring Parkson Grand now! 

It's been raining non-stop for the past few days, it's raining again now. I love the rain. Love love love the rain!! Very cooling... So today, I decided to take my coffee outside at the car porch area trying to finish this post. Turned to my right and there it was, the little garden, now wet in the rain. Ahhh.. bliss. I love staring at the green, in pouring rain.

I am enjoying every moment of my off days. Sometimes I do wish that time would just stand still, and what?? Sit here and blog all day? If life was that simple... Hmmm, then again, that is not life, is it? Life is about work, sleep, monthly paychecks, love, heartbreaks, getting your children proper education, pray, shopping :)) eat, fun... You have to work to make a good living. You want more?? Work smarter, and maybe a little bit harder.

If you're still single, (advice from a Kakak), save up. Well yaa... you can shop, but a pair of RM300 pants are a little bit too much for a 1K salary honey bun. I agree, shopping malls are not for the weak. Treat yourself, but urmm.. an RM10 cup of coffee is a bit ridiculous, don't you agree? No no..! You wouldn't find me sitting or chilling at the Coffee Bean. Even if I did, I'm not buying. I'm happy with my RM14 per bag of 30 sachets, thank you.

Okay then, that's all for now (..or should I say, today). You folks enjoy your weekend and stay cheerful ;) And you too Blog Cop, stay... blog copping :)


AMK said... cop, such a thang? Well, if there is, get a SOUL!

Tiq said...

I love to see that you have a great family bond. Have a great weekend ahead kak!

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